Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bluenotes and Daiso- Random Shopping

Stopped by Bluenotes as bf wanted to check out their teeshirts.  I walked around and I picked up a chiffon tee in mint.  The colour reminds me of the scrubs nurses wear at the hospitals...hmmmm....I do like the lace detailing on the sleeves though!  Plus it wasn't too expensive, $12.00CAD, they sell stuff like this at Aritzia for over $50.00CAD+ no?  I bought a size medium and thought it would be baggy, I was wrong...it fits just right...I guess that's okay too but that's not the look I thought it would give.  This shows that perhaps I need to learn to try things on..  :P

Was walking around Daiso in Aberdeen Centre in Richmond looking for some baskets for storage and saw this cute hand towel.  I couldn't resist and bought it as well..lol


Monday, July 16, 2012

Third Pair of Toms Ballet Flats- Beige, Leopard Print

Was walking around Richmond Centre to look for a birthday for a friend and suddenly spotted some Toms ballet flats in a store called "Street".  Woah...they are back in Vancouver!  I had to pick up another pair as I never bought my "correct " size and they are oh so comfortable!  I asked for the price of the leopard print in beige and the sales rep. said they were $90.00CAD.  I bought them without a second thought!  As some of my readers may know that I had my 2nd pair of Toms flats from the Toms website and with shipping and everything it came to roughly $120.00CAD.  This to me felt like a steal!  I guess this shall be an early bday present for me to justify spending this money on yet another pair of Toms flats.  :p

I am so happy that finally they are locally found and finally I bought my correct size!  I normally wear a size 7US for shoes and I own a size 6US, 6.5US and 7US for the Toms ballet flats and I have concluded that the size 6.5US fits the best.  If you guys are looking for the Toms ballet flats, they can be found in Richmond Centre now- wide selection too.  Oh, by the way, the store "Street" was actually  Below the Belt.  At least that is what it said on my shopping bag..lol

I own 3 pairs of regular Toms (in size 7US) and 3 pairs of Toms ballet flats.
Note: If you are shopping online- For the ballet flats I would recommend you order half a size down from your normal shoe size.  For regular Toms, just order your regular shoe size.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Glossybox Subscription June 2012- Canadian Version

I had recently subscribed again to a beauty box.  There are a variety of beauty box subscriptions out there and I chose Glossybox.  I used to subscribe to s beauty box called Luxebox but after 2 months I gave up because the stuff they sent I never used.

Oh to clarify, a beauty box subscription is something companies thought up in which they make you do a survey and then they will send you samples monthly in a box that related to what you have filled out in the survey. The monthly subscription fee for Glossybox is $15.00CAD.  Glossybox gives 7 samples a time. To me it is like a small treat for yourself every month!  It's not terribly expensive and the packaging is adorable!  It makes me feel very happy to unwrap boxes..lol.

So far my first Glossybox for the month of June 2012 was okay, there were 4 items that were full sized.  The only bad thing right now is that they are delivering their Canadian boxes late!  My June 2012 box came on July 03, 2012....which was disappointing because they charged my credit card in May 2012.  They also charged me for the month of July 2012 and I am not sure when my July 2012 box will come.   To me, my June 2012 subscription it totally worth it, the Venus razor is  and the hair spray already made me feel it was well worth it...lol  Razors are expensive!
Do I recommend Glossybox?  Don't know yet, perhaps I can give a better review after one or 2 more boxes..
website: http://www.glossybox.ca/
What it came in it:
  1. Biore Face wash- full size
  2. Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz- Beach Texture Hair Spray- full size
  3. Cover girl Blast Flipstick- full size
  4. Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex moisturizer- sample size
  5. Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry Skin Sunscreen - sample size
  6. Venus 5 blade razor - one
  7. Biore pore strip - one sample
pretty cute packaging
box within a box!
such beautiful packaging
when opened there was a card!
the glorious samples!
the card lists the products and pricing for the products if purchased as full sized
Biore face wash!
Beach texture hairspray
swatches of the lipstick
Olay moistuirzer