Saturday, January 26, 2013

Remedies for Sore Throat and Cough- What did and didn't work for me

I have been pretty sick the last month and I suffered from a sore throat and I could not stop coughing.  I tried a variety of things to stop my coughing but not a lot of things worked.  Some were much more effective and some were a waste of time.  I want to share this information for those who may be experiencing the same bug as me!  It sucked to be sick for that long and I hope everyone that is still sick gets well soon!  Now onto my post of what worked and didn't work for me...

What did not work well
  1. Cough medication:  I had the over the counter stuff as well as the prescription version.  Of course not together but either way, they did not suppress my cough.
  2. Nin Jiom Herbal Candy Original:  I was certain this stuff works but it did nothing.  It was just like candy and had no health benefits nor prevented/suppressed any cough.  Booooo
  3. Yu Ja Cha (유자차) (柚子茶): this stuff was delicious but it didn't do anything for my sore throat or cough. I think it is because it was the store bought version which was probably more sweet and delicious rather than helpful for my sore throat and cough. -___-
What worked well
  1. Marshmallow for sore throat-  I am not sure why this worked but it did!  I was googling on things that can help my sore throat as coughing had made my throat raw.  People recommended marshmallows and I had some on hand and tried it and BAM it worked!  After the 2nd marshmallow, swallowing was not painful!
  2. Monk fruit (罗汉果) Luo Han Guo for sore throat and cough- This was recommended by my friends.  You can buy the dried fruit from any Chinese herbal store and it is less than $1.00CAD per fruit.  My friend had told me to cut it in half and then dilute in water and drink.  It totally worked!  It was not the best tasting drink but it magically stopped my cough and my throat wasn't hurting as much.  The problem was, once I stopped drinking it for a bit, I would cough again.
  3. Ginger and honey for sore throat-  Another friend recommended this and basically you slice some ginger and put a tablespoon of honey in hot water and steep. You can also boil the ginger in water and then add honey and drink. 
  4. Lemon and honey for sore throat- My mom told me to drink this.  You slice lemon and put a tablespoon of honey in the cup and dilute with hot water.  The lemon kills bacteria and the honey soothes the throat.
  5. Halls cough candy for cough-  This only works temporarily!  If I stopped eating it, I would spam cough like crazy.  I only had these when I was out in public where I didn't want to cough too much and scare people.
  6. Cold/Flu Medication for sore throat, cough and good sleep-  I took Nyquil and it knocked me out thus no coughing and no pain of feeling the sore throat.
  7. Gargling salt water for sore throat-  This method kills bacterial in your throat thus stopping the spread of germs.  I read that if done in the beginning when symptoms first appeared, you can totally avoid the sore throat from getting worse.
  8. Humidifier for cough- Dry air made me cough, it was irritating to the throat.  My bf bought me a humidifier and it helped me sleep. The moist warm air was soothing to my throat.
 Take care everyone, stay warm and healthy!