Friday, September 21, 2012

Sephora Purchases- MUFE Full Cover Concealer + Benefit Pore fessional

I needed a good concealer and was always looking for one.  I am happy to say that I have finally found it!  After reading many reviews on Sephora, I decided to purchase the Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer.  I wasn't sure what colour I was so I stopped by my local Sephora to ask the sales rep.  She swatched and chose shade 08 for me. I asked her about foundations as my current one I feel is starting to wear out?  I am not sure how to explain it but it feels that it is no longer working and it fades too quickly.  She asked if I used primers and I said no and she gave me some samples for the Benefit Pore fessional and the MUFE HD primer.
shade 08
I went home the next day and tried the primers and the concealer with my routine and holy crap, the concealer covers insanely well!  It covers all my scars and any problematic skin! I used my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation-Bamboo Beige and MUFE Full Cover concealer-08 and it looked flawless. The price of this concealer is not cheap, $36.00CAD BUT you don't need a lot of product to conceal thus this will last in the long run!
I was so happy with it that the day after I tried it with my other foundations/bbcreams and noticed that shade 08 was too dark for the bbcreams.  The shade 08 only works well with my Laura Mercier...since this concealer is so awesome, I felt it was worth it to buy another shade so I can use it with my other Foundations/bbcreams.  I did some research and it was between shade 04 and shade 06 so I stopped by the local Sephora to ask for opinions and another rep said that 06 should work so I bought that. I had collected over 500 points and the Benefit Pore fessional was the 500 perk so I picked that up for freeeeee.  :D
shade 06
Benefit Pore fessional and mascara
The next day I tried shade 06 with the bbcreams and YES!  It works and it is awesome!  Totally worth every penny.

Oh..and the Benefit Pore fessional is pretty awesome too.  The texture of the Pore fessional is almost indescribable, it's so strange and silky feeling.  Once you put it on it feels like it dissolves on contact.  I am not 100 % about this product yet, but I do know that my makeup lasts much longer with it on as a base.

I am very happy with my purchases.  If you need a good concealer, definitely consider MUFE Full Cover concealer.  Hope this post is helpful!



  1. Goodddnesss that is an expensive concealer! I really want to purchase a couple of products from Sephora soon. Mostly NARS things.I'll have to look into this too though if you says its awesome!

    1. Yeah, it is very expensive for a concealer but I have spent so much money on drugstore brands that wasn't good at all. At least with this one, I know it works well and conceals everything! I really love the Nars blushes..but they are a tad expensive and I actually found that NYX blushes give off the same colour pay off as Nars blushes.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Jacky!