Monday, October 15, 2012

eBay purse hook

I purchased this purse hook on eBay and love it! My friend always carried one and I never asked what it really did because I never thought I would need one until a group of us went to a pub and there is physical area to place your purse, there is hardly any space on the stools and my friend whipped out her purse hook and bam!  She had a place for her purse.  I asked where she bought it and she said eBay.  When I got home that night I searched away and ordered one for myself.  Oh such cool inventions...It's actually just a magnet that unravels into a hook shape and when you place pressure on the hook(ie: hang your purse) it would stabilize the surface area of the heart/magnet/shape so that your purse will stay and not move.  So simple yet so cool!  LOL

It costs $2.96CAD and it has free shipping.  The clip in other colours and patterns but I chose the black gem heart.  I took about 3 weeks for it to come, eBay things come randomly.

Link to purse hook:

magnet power!
see it in action!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gmarket order in October 2012

Bought a few items on Gmarket again.  I ordered a few items, a skirt, tops, a watch and a bag. 

I purchased this 2D bag because it reminded me of the Jump From Paper bags.  It doesn't cost as much as those bags and it looks just as cute!  I do want to own one of the authentic one`s and not the inspired one`s BUT the authentic bags range from $60.00-$90.00USD and I am not even sure if they ship to Canada.  If they do, shipping would probably cost a bunch as well so why not purchase an inspired by version on Gmarket?  These type of bags are more of a novelty thing as they can`t much inside.  It`s not your practical everyday bag but they are sure cute!  When the bag opens up it is only about 3 inches wide at the bottom and then it tapers out on top.  I don`t know when I would use this as I carry a lot of items in my day to day will use this when I am on vacation.  :D
It costs about $20.00CAD
Jump From Paper Shop Link:

one button-magnetic
bottom of the bag
zipper on the bag
Next item, the burgundy long skirt.  When I pulled out the skirt from the wrapping I realized how ridiculously small the waist band looked like it can only fit a teenager.  I tried it on and it is quite comfortable and stretchy.  I think a size 2-4 would fit the skirt perfectly.  I wear a size 4-6 so it was acceptable but not the comfort level I prefer.  The fabric is thick so it is a suitable Fall skirt!  It costs about $12.00CAD
I also bought the top that was modeled on the mannequin.  Oh boy that was not the best choice, it's super wide!  It is a pretty adorable printed shirt.  I think this would only look good tucked into something or worn with a pair of low rise shorts.  It's a little strange..why would it be made so wide?!  Good thing the tops don't cost much.  It costs about $9.00CAD
paired with the skirt
weird sleeves
I don't remember why I purchased this grey top(picture below)'s translucent and cropped strangely.  I don't have a picture of me modelling this and I don't recommend this top...I really don't know why I bought it.... -____-
My bf needed a new watch so I surfed Gmarket and found a lego inspired watch!  Oooo looked awesome!  I gave it to him when it arrived and I didn't have my camera on me so I took some photos of it with my itouch and the quality is not too good.  The watch costs about $14.00CAD
Link to watch:
front of watch
back of watch
Happy shopping everyone!

Review of House of Tofu Soup- Richmond, BC

Ate at the House of Tofu Soup a while back but never got the time to post up my pictures.  I love this place and I think my friends enjoy it tooooo..hurrah for introducing!

Basically you can choose a meal which includes a soup and a meat dish for $14.99CAD or you can order a soup by itself or meat dish by itself for about $9.99CAD.  You choose a type of meat: beef, chicken or pork or you can have veggie and you can also choose the level of spiciness!  There are other appetizers and other things on the menu but prefer the bubbling hot soup! :D  When the soup comes you can crack an egg they have provided into it and watch it cook...drooool..They pour the barley tea into the left over crusted rice pot and bf doesn't like it but I doooooo.  The 반찬 banchan's here is different than the other Korean restaurants I have tried.  I never had the mashed potato before..I thought it was ice cream at  I have also tried the bibim noodle 비빔국수 and I like that a lot too.  It's getting cold now, so I will stick with the soups!

I recommend this restaurant if you are in the neighborhood! Lots of inexpensive yummy food!

Location:  1110 - 4651 Garden City Road Map, Richmond, BC V6X2G8
Phone #: (604) 284-5620
entrance to restaurant
menu cover
menu 01
menu 02
menu 03

mashed potato that looks like a scoop of ice cream
bulgogi! YUM
fried dumplings
tofu soup with pork!
nom nom nom on rice and tea
bibim noodle 비빔국수

Glossybox September 2012 Review

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay on updates.  I actually have a few posts that I can do but I just didnt have the time to upload the photos and write the posts.  I will try to upload a little more frequently.  I will be posting a Gmarket order again soon.  :) 

Back to the Glossybox order!  I actually received the September 2012 Glossybox in September!  Woot, it finally came the month that it should!  I received it by September 28, 2012 and I was thrilled with that months order.  It came with many items that I would actually use on a day to day basis.  Lovely purchase!  I can't wait to see what I get for October 2012 Glossybox!  So far I have used every item I received for September and everything is awesome.  NYX makeup is very pigmented and I swatched the eyeliner and the line looks very crisp and clean. I love the September box!

September 2012 Glossybox included: Dove clear tone anti-perspirant, B.Kamins Bio-Maple lip balm, B.Kamins Maple Body lotion, Wellas Mirror Polish Shine Serum, NYX Limited Edition The Crimson Amulet Collection inspired by the movie Dark Shadows.