Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review of House of Tofu Soup- Richmond, BC

Ate at the House of Tofu Soup a while back but never got the time to post up my pictures.  I love this place and I think my friends enjoy it tooooo..hurrah for introducing!

Basically you can choose a meal which includes a soup and a meat dish for $14.99CAD or you can order a soup by itself or meat dish by itself for about $9.99CAD.  You choose a type of meat: beef, chicken or pork or you can have veggie and you can also choose the level of spiciness!  There are other appetizers and other things on the menu but prefer the bubbling hot soup! :D  When the soup comes you can crack an egg they have provided into it and watch it cook...drooool..They pour the barley tea into the left over crusted rice pot and bf doesn't like it but I doooooo.  The 반찬 banchan's here is different than the other Korean restaurants I have tried.  I never had the mashed potato before..I thought it was ice cream at  I have also tried the bibim noodle 비빔국수 and I like that a lot too.  It's getting cold now, so I will stick with the soups!

I recommend this restaurant if you are in the neighborhood! Lots of inexpensive yummy food!

Location:  1110 - 4651 Garden City Road Map, Richmond, BC V6X2G8
Phone #: (604) 284-5620
entrance to restaurant
menu cover
menu 01
menu 02
menu 03

mashed potato that looks like a scoop of ice cream
bulgogi! YUM
fried dumplings
tofu soup with pork!
nom nom nom on rice and tea
bibim noodle 비빔국수

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