Monday, October 15, 2012

eBay purse hook

I purchased this purse hook on eBay and love it! My friend always carried one and I never asked what it really did because I never thought I would need one until a group of us went to a pub and there is physical area to place your purse, there is hardly any space on the stools and my friend whipped out her purse hook and bam!  She had a place for her purse.  I asked where she bought it and she said eBay.  When I got home that night I searched away and ordered one for myself.  Oh such cool inventions...It's actually just a magnet that unravels into a hook shape and when you place pressure on the hook(ie: hang your purse) it would stabilize the surface area of the heart/magnet/shape so that your purse will stay and not move.  So simple yet so cool!  LOL

It costs $2.96CAD and it has free shipping.  The clip in other colours and patterns but I chose the black gem heart.  I took about 3 weeks for it to come, eBay things come randomly.

Link to purse hook:

magnet power!
see it in action!

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