Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ombre Hair/ Blonde dipped Hair

I recently dyed my hair again.  I was inspired by my hair extension and decided to make this ombre look.  It took me 2 failures to figure out how to do it properly.  I used Loreal Blondissima again as it worked fairly well the first time.

What not to do: I initially put the bleach dye in the hair for 45minutes and then washed it out and then redid the tips for another 45 minutes and it turns out that I should have just left it on until my hair physically changed into an orange colour instead of doing it by time.  I also realized I wasted a lot of bleach as I only used 1/3 of the bottle but mixed everything inside the bottle.  I threw away 2 blondissima's as I mixed both of them in the bottle.  By the 3rd try, I realized I should mix it in a separate container and apply it with a brush.

Here goes my little hair adventure!
Here is me with my original hair, it was dyed black earlier this year and it faded out to a brown black.

original hair- Front
 Loreal Blondissima works wonders and it really didn't damage my hair much.
colour chart of what it "should" do
me wearing a cap/ wearing my friends shirt
this is what I saw after I removed the foil after 45 min.  It was a reddish brown
First bleaching! Front
First bleach- Back
After my second bleach job on the tips I thought it would suffice and I attempted to put a blonde over the bleached colour.  It failed as the hair colour was still too strong and blonde bairly did anything.  It did take a bit of the brassy red/orange out though.  I used Loreal sublime Mousse and I hated smelled awful and I swear it sucks.
 The is the colour after 2 bleachings and one blonde colouring.  It was still an orange brown.  It was not quite the ombre/ hair dip look so I knew I had to fix it.  I asked my bf and some friends how it looked and they said it looks like my hair grew out......o____O  not the answer I was looking for.
excuse the look on my face, it was super sunny- Front view of blonde hair dye in
Back view of blonde hair dye in
A day later I decided to bleach the tips to make it more obvious that I am creating a ombre/ hair dip look.  This is the 2nd time I bought the bleach and mixed the whole bottle and used 1/3 of it...throwing the rest away.  The look after was close to what I wanted and I was satisfied at the time but deep down inside I knew I wanted blonde tips...real platinum blonde or something close to that.  I also got annoyed with the tips of my hair...there was a lot of obvious split ends so I grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped snipped snipped! my hair is a little blunt now on the ends..I think it's fine, saved money on hair cut!
redyed the tips to make it look ombre/dipped hair- Front
My 3rd attempt using Blondissima, I mixed it in a container and painted it on my tips instead of wasting another bleach dye.  I also picked up an ash blonde hair colour to cover the brassy orange.  I picked up Clairol Perfect 10. 
light ash blonde
After bleaching until my hair turned yellow, I washed out the bleach.  Oh yeah!!  It was finally blonde..woot woot and my hair still felt fine.  :D  The picture below shows my hair as slightly wet.  I was tired to dry it all the way with a blow dryer so I just dyed over slightly damp hair.
This is after the 3rd bleach before the hair dye
I love the Clairol Perfect 10.  It didn't smell too bad, although hair dye is hair dye...I guess Asian hair dye is better in regards to the scent.  I only had to leave the Clairol Perfect 10 in my hair for 10 minutes!  I was very pleased with the results!  And here it is....the top is black, middle is brown and bottom is blonde!
 I love this hair. If I get bored of it I can cut the blonde off and tada, new hair style!