Sunday, August 5, 2012

Midam Cafe- 팥빙수 and so much more!

So hot the last few days so we stopped by Midam Cafe again.  It's a Korean dessert place that has traditional desserts and drinks with a focus on rice cakes.  It's located in the plaza across from Hmart in Burnaby.  It's located on the bottom floor hidden inside.  You will walk passed the supermarket and head towards the yoga place near the stairs.
The website:
Location: Suite 110A-4501 North Rd  Burnaby, BC V3N 4R7
(604) 568-5357
entrance of Midam Cafe
The bf and I found this place last month looking for dessert places on urbanspoon.  They have patbingsu (팥빙수) here!  Oooo Aaaaa.  The first visit we ordered a strawberry 팥빙수 but they didn't have it so we ordered a red bean green tea 팥빙수.  We also ordered a green tea rice cake with red It was crunchy, chewy, warm and delicious!  It was don't know why we ordered red bean green tea twice.  We also ordered a cheesy deobukki 떡볶이with chicken.  It was so yummy but oh so spicy!  We will order it again but ask for it to be less spicy.  :)
red bean green tea팥빙수
cheesy 떡볶이 and chicken
oh so cheesy
the grilled green tea rice cake
We ordered a fresh fruit 팥빙수 and a 치즈 계란말이.   I initially wanted to order fried mozzarella cheese sticks but they were out.  :(  I don't think I will order the egg
parfait menu
fresh fruit 팥빙수
치즈 계란말이
The  팥빙수 is so refreshing on hot days like today! :D

If you visit this place, let me know how you like it?   


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