Saturday, April 28, 2012

Save On Meats Diner

Finally was able to stop by Save On Meats the diner.  I was eager to try it for the longest time after its renovation but never seemed to get the time.  Plus not all my friends are comfortable in that particular neighborhood.  This place was gooood! :)
Note: The sets of photos are taken with a phone and are not of the best quality.
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I tried it with my friend who is more food adventurous than my other friends.  :)  We each had a burger with fries and a drink.  The burger combo is $6.00CAD!!  So cheap for downtown food!  YUM~
beer on the tap!
Bottomless cola
$6.00CAD Burger and fries!
This place left a good impression on my mind so I went back another day to try some other things on the menu.  This time I chose to eat the fried chicken and mashed potatoes and my bf tried the ribs with a side of chocolate milkshake.  Both entrees tasted like home cooked brought me back to when I was a kid and ate at my friend's house...mmmm...*droool*
chocolate milk shake
BBQ ribs with salad and biscuit
fried chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Joyeaux Cafe- Vietnamese Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver- no where close to Joyeaux just wanted to post this
Went for Vietnamese food with my friend on our break on Friday.  We ate at Joyeaux Cafe, and I must say it was gooood! It wasn't too expensive and I will definitely go back again!
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We shared a plate of fried chicken was okay..we both prefer Phnom Penh's wings more.
I had lemon grass chicken and shredded pork with rice.  It was boneless!  So awesome!

She had a vermicelli noodle in soup.  It looked yummy.  She said it was good. :)
I ordered a coconut to go and drank it in the was my first time drinking coconut juice!  It was good!  I will have coconut juice again as it is super good for you.  :)
That's all for now.


Playing with Olympus E-PL2 & wireless remote

Playing with my Olympus E-PL2 and my wireless

I really like my camera! :)  I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone who wants an SLR but doesn't want to pay over a grand for's a nice beginner camera and oh so pretty!  Comes in various colours: silver, black, white, red.  Love love love my white one!

Here are some self shots of me using my camera and a wireless remote!
my Olympus e-pl2
left piece gets hooked up to camera and right side is the remote you hold
my wireless remote..snap snap snap
I hardly show my face when taking pictures of my I am without the mask! :D
It was fun playing with my time I will go outside and take some more photos of scenery and such! <3  I shall be heading to Seattle with my camera...stay tuned for more photos! Oh and probably some shopping posts..hahah


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lush, U.O and Chapters- Downtown Vancouver

Was in downtown Vancouver yesterday to exchange some money.  Will be heading to Seattle to do some shopping soon!  It was such a nice day today that I wandered around and eventually bought a few unnecessary things! 

Stopped at Lush and picked up a bar of soap! LOL..I don't usually buy soap..I use body wash!  But this smelled so fresh and nice that I had to try it out!  I use to be repulsed by the smell of the store was and still is too strong!  However, I have heard some nice things about their natural products so I did give them a try.  I have bought solid bubble bath soap from them..and it work, smells awesome and is so fun!  The bubble bath bars can be broken into 2 or 3 pieces to be used for up to 3's colourful, wonderfully scented and clean!  When I went to Vegas I bought one and bought it with me and boy was it fun to play in bubbles! hehe

We shall see how see how well this mint body soap works.  It aint cheap.  LOL..  I bought the scent 'ice blue', smells like mint! :) They wrapped it up in their own personalized wrapping pretty!
$5.95 per 100 grams

My 'ice blue' body soap!
After Lush I stopped by Urban Outfitters to see what was on sale..there were just too many people in the store for me to shop for clothes...I stopped by their sale section and found 2 books!  They were both marked down to $4.99CAD.  I love my fact reads and oh so interesting!
Lastly my bf wanted to stop by Chapters so we did...I wandered into the baby/children section on the bottom floor and saw many cute stuffies for babies.  As I browsed I stumbled upon this blanket.
Holy crap it is so cute!!  I told myself that I could not buy anymore stuffies as I no longer have room for them but this is not a stuffie!  LOL...I made the exception and bought it! 
what he looks like from the front
what he looks like from the back

close up of his face..I have named him Mr.Bun
Look at that face! Oh god he looks adorable!
Oh..he did not come
very expensive blanket for a baby!
One more cute picture before unrolling Mr.Bun.
This is what he looks like unrolled...full on blanket form...kinda's okay..I know I can roll him up and make him awesome again.  ;)
It is a fairly good sized blanket- size of a regular towel
Mr.Bun looks kinda

Friday, April 20, 2012

Baviphat bb Magic girls plus bbcreams- Dry and Oily

Going to be reviewing the 2 different Baviphat bb Magic girls plus bbcreams
  1. Moisturizing for Dry Skin SPF 30
  2. Fresh for Oily Skin SPF 30
I am not good with pictures in regards to swatching.  I prefer to explain verbally on what is good and bad.  If I can take a picture and show you guys I would but I am not really good at
Left side is my new bottle of fresh for oily skin, right side is my deflated bottle of moisturizing- dry skin
left is for oily skin and right side is for dry skin
Well here goes nothing!

Baviphat bb Magic girls plus bbcream- Moisturizing for Dry Skin SPF 30
This is the initial bbcream I had purchased from this particular brand and I really liked it.  The coverage was very good and it felt moisturizing.  To me it was one of the better bbcreams I owned.  The only downside is that you will have to blot yourself as the day goes on as my t-zone tended to get a little oily after a period of wear.  Not a super big deal as this particular product was made for dry skin.  It works fine for me during the cold winter time.  I would definitely repurchase this product.  As summer is soon approaching I probably will use this less..which brings me to the other bbcream.
Rating: 5/5

Baviphat bb Magic girls plus bbcream- Fresh for Oily Skin SPF 30
This is suppose to be the same product but made for people with oily skin.  I have used this for a week and it didnt break me out and it is not as moisturizing as the other one.  The thing I noticed immediately as I put it on my hand is that the texture is completely different than the other one made for dry skin.  This particular product is lighter and not as creamy.  It still spreads nicely and has okay coverage.  The coverage is not as good as the one made for dry skin but that is because the formula is slightly different. I would be using this bbcream in the summer time!  After a long day I didn't need to blot, it didn't make me feel oily at all compared to the dry skin one or my Laura Mercier.  Would I buy this one again?  I don't know yet. haha...I have to use it for a bit longer to tell if I love it.  I know that this bbcream isn't as expensive when bought from Gmarket and that it is a pretty good bbcream for the price!
Rating: 3.5/5
you can sort of see the different formula/texture the one for dry skin is thicker
the colour is slightly different too but blends out normally
it blends out normal and once "dried" it will look natural

If you guys buys this can you let me know how you feel about it?  Thanks in advance you guys who are reading this! ;)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fried rice using red/white rice!

Made fried rice for bf!  Used red rice/white rice so it should be slightly more healthy!

I hate red rice because of it's's so darn rough!  Mixing it with white rice is helpful and plus when you make fried rice with it, you barely taste the roughness!

I used snap peas, carrots, left over chicken and eggs.  So simple to make!  :) 

The rice was also left are suppose to use left over rice to make fried rice!  It makes it not sticky..

cut up snap peas, carrots and green onion
left over chicken de-boned and cut into bite size pieces
I scrambled 3 eggs to put into it later
the mixture of red/white rice!
I pre-pan fried the veggies with garlic for a min first
using the wok!
tested and complete!