Saturday, April 7, 2012

eBay crochet shorts - cute and comfy!

Bought these cute crochet shorts on eBay.  Crochet stuff seems to be available in dresses, shorts, tops, vests..everything! 
cute beige crochet shorts- elastic waist band
It's such a cute feminine piece to have in one's wardrobe.  You can wear them as high waisted shorts or as normal shorts.  They were $10.99USD and shipping to Canada was $8.99USD.  Shipping to Canada is always

The shorts are super comfy..and the waist is an elastic waist band so the size is forgiving.   :)  The lace pattern is pretty and it's not scratchy..some lace patterns are rough and scratchy which it makes it unpleasant to wear.
close up of the pattern of the crochet shorts
I might want to buy a pair of black ones...haha

eBay link to shorts:

worn normally with shirt on the outside
excuse my expression, I don't know what I should be doing..smiling?
from the back
worn as high waisted shorts

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  1. Those shorts are adorable, I wish the rates to Canada were cheaper..>.<