Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bluenotes, Garage and Sephora

Stopped by Queensborough Landing to check out some sales and saw this cute tee at Garage!  I went in to pick up 2 tank tops-basics(black and white) and saw that tee shirt.  It was marked as $16.00CAD from $18.00CAD which I thought was ridiculous and NOT a deal at was in the $10.00CAD wall so I grabbed it along with my tank tops and decided to ask the cashier how much the tee shirt was...if it is $10.00CAD then I will buy turned out to be $5.00CAD so I bought it..  :)
I was saying to my bf there should be a tee that says "today i love you less" LOL
cute cute cute!

Also went to Bluenotes the other day and saw these adorable dresses!  They are corset looking dresses that look expensive but were only $15.00CAD a piece.  I picked up a pink/red leopard print one and a black one.

Close up of the print and details of my dress

Corset style! Very flattering on!
stretchy back

same style dress in black!

I also stopped by Sephora to pick up a Laura Mercier silk creme foundation and my urban decay primer potion.  I had my 15% off and got some free goodies!
Basic UD primer potion I use prior to using eyeliner, makes it last all smudge!
My 2nd bottle of Laura Mercier silk creme foundation
free goodies with my stuff


  1. I have the Bluenotes outlet near me and cute shirt I like it :3

  2. Ohh!!! I love pink leopard dress! I want one like