Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Hair..Aghh MY HAIR!!

I dyed my hair today.  First with Liese Prettia-High bleach and then after with Palty-Milk Tea Brown.

So it turns out I screwed up my turned out like a gradient effect in which I have brown hair at my roots and then dark brown/black on my ends. At least it looks like I could have done this look on's gradual fading into a darker colour.

 I will wait one week and decide if I want to bleach my hair completely and then re-dye it some sort of blonde.  I want to be blonde!

I looked at my hair again and I feel it's it just me?  When I tie up my hair it looks normal..LOL that is because you cant see the brown/black...I tried to pull my hair into a bun..the asian bun where the bun is on top of the head and it looks so weird!  My bun is brown/black and the other part is light brown..  -___-  It looks so fake!

I know what happened though....this happened because I had previously dyed my hair black several months back and the new dye is not penetrating through the black dye.  I must bleach....OH and Prettia-High bleach is not a real bleach...LOL it is just called "high-bleach"

Review: Liese Prettia-High Bleach
Definitely works on natural Asian black hair. The outcome is not super far off from the box and the smell isn't bad at all.  I take back what I previously said about it being smelly in comparison to Palty.  Palty definitely smells worse.  My hair still feels soft after dyeing with this brand.  I choose this brand over Palty.  I didnt like the foam aspect of this product, I wasn't use to slathering foam into my hair...there was no comb or thingy to put it in my hair.  I also didnt know how much to slather on because the texture is very unfamiliar to me in regards to it being a hair dye.  Was I suppose to rub it in like shampoo?
Rating: 4.5/5 (Good buy)
Pros: smells pleasant, not very damaging, colour payoff is similar to box
Cons: pricey for DIY hair dye ($16CAD +), the foam is weird, limited colour options

Review: Palty- Milk Tea Brown
I think the colour payoff is again very similar to the box.  The smell is a little stronger than the Prettia brand.  There are LOTS of colours to choose from and it is cheaper than Prettia BUT still costs more than American hair dyes.  I like the fact that this is creme and that it is looks white when you coat your head thus I knew where and how much I was putting on my head.  The comb attachment was helpful too as I used that to comb it through my hair.
Rating: 4.5/5 (Good buy)
Pros: smells okay(better than American brands), not very damaging, colour payoff similar to box, inexpensive for the colour payoff, the comb attachment
Cons:  the smell is not as good as Prettia

Picture time!

Liese Prettia- High Bleach colour swatch
The Liese Prettia- High Bleach Package Opened

Liese Prettia: It actually gets more foamy

After dyeing it with Liese Prettia- High Bleach:  It was a reddish/orangey colour

Palty Milk Tea Brown colour swatch
Palty Milk Tea Brown package opened
Palty hair colour creme
After both Prettia and Palty
Looking nerdy
These after pictures are not justifying the colour on my's actually lighter..I will take some other pictures in the next few days..perhaps in sunlight...when the sun comes out.


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