Saturday, February 25, 2012

짜장면- Jjajang Myeon!!

Book Kyung Ban Jeom
NOTE: My previous post of the Jajjang Myeon(짜장면) got me...while fiddling on my itouch..ha!  So I shall just write up something similar and simple.

Had lunch with Co-workers at Book Kyung Ban Jeom in dwntown Vancouver.  I go there when I really want to eat good Jjajang Myeon and I usually just have the Jjajang Myeon as the portion size is pretty big.  They have very good Jjajang Myeon but is a tad on the pricey side.  We ordered spicy fried chicken to share and we each ordered the seafood/squid Jjajang Myeon(짜장면).  The chicken was sized small and was $17.00CAD and the Jjajang Myeon 짜장면 was $10.00CAD.  The Jjajang Myeon(짜장면) ranges from $7.00-$12.00CAD here..if you want to eat this noodle for cheaper, you can find it in Coquitlam at Ddoo Gau Bee.  It is not as awesome..but is definitely much cheaper.

Urbanspoon link to Book Kyung Ban Jeom:
Our 면

Our 짜장

The spicy fried was fairly YUM..I have had better tho

mixing the 짜장면

mixed and ready to eat!
Urbanspoon Link to Ddoo Gau Bee:

So the other location to get Jjajang Myeon for cheaper is Ddoo Gau Bee.  It is a good inexpensive Korean restaurant.  They actually also serve sushi.. I am talking about sushi and not Kimbap(김밥)...if you decide to order sushi there, don't order the fancy rolls! 

DIY Jajjang Myeon(짜장면
I made some Jjajang Myeon and it was pretty successful..well it was a semi instant noodle. The package did not contain any meat so I added my own.  I added some pork and onions to it and it was YUM and very filling.  You can buy this at any Hmart, I think it was on sale for $6.99CAD, it is found in the refrigeration department.
The package of Jjajang Myeon(짜장면)

The fresh noodles!
The 짜장
My successful YUM 짜장면


  1. lately, friends and i have been going on black streaks eating horrible Korean food. LOL. I know you're a picky eater... so I hope this will place gives us that silver lining before I stop eating K food. hahaah

    1. I am picky with my food..eating out in Vancouver is so darn expensive...I gotta choose wisely! This place is only good for their Jjajang Myeon 짜장면..well at least to me. For good inexpensive OR expensive Korean food, there are places I know of. I will blog something for u Lis. I will list out my favourite restaurants next blog post with different categories(ie: Japanese food, Korean food, etc) so perhaps it can be helpful. :)

    2. yes! looking forward to it.