Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Another year has flew by...

The gift I had bought him did not come yet....><  It was not even shipped out yet.  Tretorn you are disappointing me.  I did bake some cute icebox cookies for him.  It is a good try although some of the hearts looked morphed.  I will try to make these time it will look better!

My gift will also be coming soon...I guess we will swap gifts when mine(for him) arrives.  This year we didn't go out to a fancy restaurant.  I picked to eat Guu Izakaya on Robson.  A lot has changed there...the menu isn't that good anymore.  I think I might like the gastown Guu more.

Enough are pictures of my day and such:

icebox cookies I made: green tea and chocolate
chocolate lolli and card from Exec Director @ work :)

Sashimi salad

beef carpaccio up close

beef carpaccio

chicken karaage

strawberry version

I found a deep fried gold fish in my karaage

another angle of said "goldfish"

pumpkin croquette

cut open pumpkin croquette

salmon yukke

opened the door and my babies were greeting me!

hammie card in front of hammie!
Me comparing the similarities

my roses <3

me with my hammie card..i love cards!!

me with my roses..heheh..
 PS: Happy birthday Helen!  Hope you are having a blast on your very special day. <3


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