Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tretorn Boots

The Tretorn boots came!  I ordered 2 pairs one for my bf and one for me. It was his valentines gift!  We didn't want to be matchy matchy BUT he only liked the black one and we both wanted the Skerry Vinter.

Types that are out there:

Skerry- microfleece lined, waterproof
Skerry Vinter- Sherpa lining, waterproof
1. Matte
2. Shiny
I wanted the original black in matte BUT the Skerry Vinter only came in full black.
Skerry in Matte- Original (I wanted this one but in Vinter with the Sherpa lining!)

It is ridiculous to order from the Tretorn website because of the shipping costs to Canada but no one locally in Vancouver seems to carry this shoe.  - ___ -  The only one that we have is the Skerry.  The shoes itself is usually $65.00USD but it went on sale to $53.00USD so I bought it.  The shipping itself was $50.00+ to Canada which sucked.  I suggest get one of those addresses at the border and ship it to the states because it is FREE SHIPPING for $80.00+ to the states.

I wanted the Skerry Vinter because of the terrible cold/rainy weather of Vancouver.  I haven't found any good rainboots that keep my feet warm.  I own a few pairs and I bought hunters microfleece socks for them but it is still so cold in the snow.  Hopefully these Tretorns will keep me nice and warm in the snow.

I have tried to wear them yesterday and they are quite comfy and kept me nice my feet nice and toasty.  It did sort of snowed in Vancouver I guess it is a good buy!

Picture time!
It came!!!!

Mine and Bf's shoes
Opened the package

Opened the box

my Tretorn skerry vinters!

sherpa lining!

close up of the sherpa lining
very comfy but not as comfy as UGGS


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    1. They are warm! Too bad shipping to Canada is so crazy...shipping to the states is much cheaper if not free. :)