Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aritzia, AE and misc purchase

Aritzia Wilfred blouse -$45.00CAD
Colour- light pastel pink
Size M - I like things a little more loose 

Very soft and comfy.  Looks best tucked into a high waisted bottoms.  Looks a little strange alone..maybe I should try a belt.

Aritzia Wilfred blouse- Sale:  $19.99CAD
Colour- grey
Size M
Again very soft and comfy!

Aldo booties - $40.00CAD
Colour/Material- black suede
Size- 38
Very cute and goes well with almost anything!!  Too bad not really water resistant..can't really wear it out when raining.  The wedge isn't too high so it is relatively comfortable for everyday wear. 

AE aeries blouse- $19.99CAD
Size S
I think this may be a PJ's doesn't look like one when worn with jeans. 

Love Culture Blouse -$16.00USD
Size S
Looks cute with shorts...I personally don't like this with long pants.  Going to wait until summer to wear it.  I like the fact that it has slits on the shoulder/arm area..very feminine.

AE tank - $19.50CAD
A regular tank from AE.

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