Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Shopping in Vancouver, BC

I stopped by Walmart again looking for some stuff and saw this Homer Simpson shirt in the mens section.   As I do love the Simpsons and this was a inexpensive shirt, I picked it up.  It was $ will be a summer tee or if everything fails I will use it as a sleep shirt! ;)

Spring Shoes

I initially dropped by Spring because I was looking for Oxfords and then realized I needed to pick up some terry cloth insoles.  These terry cloth insoles are re-usable as you can wash and re-use them.  They make any shoes comfartable!  Crazy stuff.  I believe these insoles are $7.00CAD a pair?

Walking around the store I saw these flats, they were on sale for $29.95CAD so I decided to pick them up.  It looks similar to the one's I bought on Gmarket but are tad more on the casual side.

Inside of the flats, not very comfy thus the inserts!
Downtown Vancouver
I was wandering around downtown Vancouver around Seymour Street on my lunch break and stumbled upon a store that looked similar to the cube store in Richmond Aberdeen Centre.  This place had those individual boxes that sold miscellaneous things.  There were fake emo glasses, sunglasses, ipod/iphone accessories, beauty products, clothes, lingerie..random Japanese/Korean stuff.  The staff there was super nice too.

I picked up some iphone/ipod stickers for my button.  

I know I got ripped off but yeah...I wanted them and didn't feel like ordering it from Gmarket.  These stickers were $5.00CAD.

I also saw this hair accessory that is suppose to be able to make your long hair turn into a bob cut.  It too was also $5.00CAD and I bought it to try it out.

It sort of works...I have long hair is stops almost at my waist but is layered.  This clip thing is able to make my hair look like a bob from behind..but not from the front..this may be due to the fact that my hair is layered...I didnt take a picture from the front as it doesn't do what it is suppose to...I'm not blaming the's my hair..
My hair..I used flash so the pic is weird

Rolled with the clip

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gmarket-- Beauty Products

I was happy with my original Baviphat bbcream thus prompting me to try out this Baviphat bbcream.
It is SPF45 and its has a pump!  I like pumps...feels more hygienic.  There is a strong scent to this maybe people with sensitive skin wont be able to use it?  It's super strong smelling but smells pretty. :)

The coverage is pretty sheer but I guess it can be buildable...this bbcream is definitely lighter in texture than the other Baviphat one(Magic girls plus bbcream).  This one is also thinner in texture.  Don't really know the lasting power yet as I have yet to try it for a period of time.. I will edit this post when I get to test and use this bbcream for a month.

Gmarket link to Bavipat bbcream
such beautiful packaging

Office Lady BBcream

pump installed!  Like Missha!
The Tony Moly Lip balm/stick/gloss was so adorable.  I couldn't help myself and finally bought one!

Love love love the packaging!

I love all the colours and wanted all of them...but you know...not practical.  I ended up choosing the orange one because I always wanted to use orange lipstick but never was brave enough to wear orange least this is a start! It was roughly $5.00CAD

I tried it and it's quite moisturizing.  There is also a hint of orange tint to it...and it smells like orange starbursts..YUM..

This lip balm/gloss also came with free samples!  

Gmarket link to Lip balm/gloss:

So cute!!
Number 07- orange


Breakfast at Habit on Main Street- DIY Eggs Benedict!

Went to eat breakfast with the girls this Saturday.

We tried out Habit on Main Street and I ate Eggs Benedict.  It was delicious, so delicious that I started to crave it when I got home in the evening so I made something similar!
Location: 2610 Main Street  Vancouver, BC V5T
Link to website:
Modern looking signage

condiments, like K. said..very good use of the Chinese dimsum basket!
Brunch menu
My friend K. had perogies, egg and salad
My friend H. had eggs benedict with bacon and avocado
My friend T. and I ordered the smoked salmon, dill cream cheese eggs benedict
I played with the ketchup! haha
In the evening I made bf and I a snack!  Time to try to re-create something similar to what I had this morning!  :)

I  made my eggs benedict with whole wheat toast, smoked salmon, cream cheese and a blended spinach/garlic sauce instead of hollandaise sauce.  Made 4, only ended up eating 1 and bf ate doesn't taste the same as what I had in the morning at Habit.
Chopped up spinach and garlic being cooked
blended the spinach and garlic after cooking it down
Whole wheat bread toasted

Poached the egg!
Smoked salmon..mmmmmm
all ready to be eaten!
runny goodness!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gmarket again- Still Loving It!

Warning this post will be image heavy! 

My Gmarket stuff came!  I am again very satisfied with what I bought!  Everything came within a week and a half...the delay was due to the fact that some of my items were not ín-stock...but no biggie.  I still consider this extremely fast shipping!

Everything was in mint condition and packed separately boxed within box...and beauty stuff was bubble wrapped..Gmarket shopping rocks!

Gmarket tape on the box
My box of goodies!  Feels like Christmas!

Picked up a wallet/phone case/wristlet combo thing for when I travel.  I don't like the fact that I carry a bag, my wallet, my coin purse and my phone separately when I travel..this wallet thing clumps them together. I believe this wallet was around $17.00CAD
Gmarket link to wallet:
Came with 3 free screen protectors?

The outside of it- Feeling girly so I chose baby pink
Oh so convenient!

I also bought a camera bag for my new E-PL2.  I originally chose a brown bag but they were out of stock...about 10 minutes after I placed my order, I received a long distance call.  I picked it up and it was a Korean guy asking me about my order...apparently they were out of the brown and he asked if I would like an alternative colour...I said black would be fine...and tada!
It was about $25.00CAD.
Here it is!
Gmarket Link to bag:

Looks like those other big camera bags but
the inside..roomy!
For clothing I picked up 3 tops and 3 bottoms.  I bought 2 tees and one cream coloured blouse.  All the tops are free size-one size fits all(most).

My leopard tee is soft and comfy..I guess you can wear it with a blazer and make it semi-formal.  It was about $8.00CAD
Gmarket link to leopard tee:

casual tee..I wanted something with leopard print but I don't want to go all out..
I love my grey tee that says 'I mustache you a question'.  When I first saw it...I thought it was some sort of weird tee that has English typo..cuz you know...there are lots of those out there...lost that make you go..huh?  This one...I thought it was like that too...until I read it aloud and noticed it was a cute play on words..."I must ask you a question" was then a must buy!  Plus...when I wore was sooooo soft!
Mustache tee was about $13.00 CAD

Gmarket link to mustache tee:
I mustache you a question!! LOL
This blouse is so cute!  I love the neck line of it...the lace is a good touch too..pretty!
It was about $15.00CAD
Gmarket link to blouse:

close up of the lace detailing
For bottoms, I bought a pair of distressed denim acid washed shorts, a beige long skirt and a baby pink/beige high waisted skort(skirt short).

I have not figured out how to wear my long skirt without wearing a blouse...hmmm...what else can I match it with?  It was about $12.00CAD.  My high waisted dress skort/shorts were about $17.00CAD and the denim shorts were about $12.00CAD

Gmarket link to beige long skirt:

Gmarket link to high waisted dress shorts:

Gmarket link to denim shorts:
My long beige skirt

High waisted skort?
distressed acid wash denim shorts
brand of shorts: all seasons
pairing the long skirt with blouse
denim shorts with mustache tee

Wearing the tee more formally with black blazer

high waisted skort with blouse

casual tee and denim shorts
blouse and long skirt on!
I put on a denim jacket to see if it looks better...i dunno
I picked up a bbcream (Baviphat Office Lady version) as well as a cute lip gloss from Tony Moly. I will blog about it after I try it out...soon enough...I am running low on my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation so I will be trying the new bbcream.

I feel that bbcream, makeup or moisturizers stop working after a while....same with shampoo...I gotta switch it up and then go back to it...otherwise it just doesnt feel like its working it just me? Hmmmm..