Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where I spend my time online...

Beauty related
1. Soompi- the beauty section - Where you can find your answer to any beauty/fashion related questions.

2. Cheesie - she's pretty..I just like to browse through her blog..haha..

3. XiaXue - she photoshops herself really well but she's witty and fun to read when she does write.  Her photos are pretty too.

Fun Reading
1. Cracked - A place where you can blow hours on end reading about interesting facts OR funny stories.  My friend A.  told me about it...I am hooked. :)

2. Listverse -  I believe my friend P. told me about this site.  It's a fun site to read about top 10's of different things BUT not as cool as cracked...LOL

Chinese News/Gossips

1. Jaynestar -  It's a website that reports HK/Taiwan celebrity news all in English!

Online Shopping (listed in favourite order)
1. Gmarket
2. Zipia
3. Yesstyle
4. Forever 21


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