Friday, March 16, 2012

Shopping at Walmart!

Stopped by my local Walmart to pick up a few things and saw some really cute tops and pants! 

The pants look like the guys carrot top pants...high waisted and loose on  top and tight on the bottom...they are so comfy!  The problem is I still dont know how to wear high waisted pants without looking like a senior...haha..perhaps a belt or a jacket will make it look more stylish and not old?

Pictures of the floral pants I purchased!
The shirt shown is NOT from Walmart..its from H&M..but the pants are from Walmart!
Close up of the carrot pants...floral!

OOo Aaaa...could not help myself and bought 2 tops and a pair of pants.  The tops are the ones that are shorter in the front and longer in the back. So cute for the summer!!

Sorry for the dirty mirror...I will clean it soon! 

I bought the purple shampoo and conditioner by John Freida because I thought my hair was getting tried it and it definitely works!  However, it lightened my hair, which is not what I wanted but it does what it is suppose to do...haha.guess I didnt read thoroughly.

If you have bleached hair...or dyed blonde, this works wonders!  Looks fresher in just ONE wash!
John Freida- purple shampoo
I also picked up the Loreal Colour Riche Lip Balm- SPF 15 in Nourishing Nude.  A very pretty and subtle colour.  I like this balm better than the Revlon lip butter...I bought the lip butter because of the hype but wasn't so happy with it.  I think I will definitely repurchase the Loreal Colour Riche in an alternative colour but no more Revlon lip butter for me..meh I say..meh!
Left- Revlon Lip Butter- Raspberry Pie, Middle- Revlon Lip Butter- Candy Apple, Right- Loreal Colour Riche- Nourishing Nude
Left- Revlon Lip Butter- Raspberry Pie, Right- Revlon Lip Butter- Candy Apple
I use my baby lips everyday! 
On my lips! Excuse the smile..I dont know how to smile
PS: My Gmarket things are here!  Well...they are in the city..I shall get it next week and I shall do another review.

That's it for now! :)


  1. Your walmart has nice clothing :O But wait.. We live in the same city xD I guess I never looked hard enough :/ lol
    Can't wait for the gmarket review!

  2. The Walmart at Lougheed Mall is better than the Grandview location...more selections...less people!

    I can't wait to review the Gmarket stuff too...haha