Saturday, March 10, 2012

Craving Salad Rolls

After uploading the butter hot pot photos, I realized I was hungie for salad rolls again....MmmmmMmm..salad rolls...

After having lunch with my 2 close friends: T. and H. we went to shop for salad roll ingredients...everything can be found at Superstore! Woohoo...didnt need to stop at T&T.

When I got home I started to prep and then when everything was done...I realized I had not watched K. roll my salad roll on Thursday...GAH..I was lazy to google 'how to roll Vietnamese salad rolls' so I went ahead and winged was half ate a lot of my failed ones...

Picture time!
Rice Paper for salad roll
Vermicelli- I only used half of it and there was plenty
Lettuce- ripped the ends off so it is soft to roll
Bought salmon, beef, bacon and fake crab meat..I didnt need the shrimp and squid
All cooked!
Like H. I re-used my vermicelli
Vermicelli cooked! too much!
My Semi FAILED rolls- some are opened
I attempted to make dipping sauce with fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice, garlic and h2o
I individually wrapped some salad rolls for tomolo lunch

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