Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coffee Buns..YUM

Coffee Buns
Pre-baked bun
I was craving these coffee buns last week in the evening and the place to get them was already closed. I googled how to make them and found many sites that had the recipe.  I chose this one because I like that there were pictures.

Link to Recipe: Roti Bun Recipe
Too lazy to bake?  You can buy them at The Coffee Bun at Londsdale Quay.
Mine were only semi successful...I didnt pipe enough of the "coffee topping" on it..
It tasted good!  Not really the same as the store though...I have left over topping..maybe I will make more tomorrow...practice makes perfect!

Picture time:
making the coffee topping

the coffee topping
I didnt know how much it would I left more room
I am not good at piping -___-
In the oven you go!
It's melting!!!
I skimped on the coffee topping.


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