Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gmarket-- Beauty Products

I was happy with my original Baviphat bbcream thus prompting me to try out this Baviphat bbcream.
It is SPF45 and its has a pump!  I like pumps...feels more hygienic.  There is a strong scent to this maybe people with sensitive skin wont be able to use it?  It's super strong smelling but smells pretty. :)

The coverage is pretty sheer but I guess it can be buildable...this bbcream is definitely lighter in texture than the other Baviphat one(Magic girls plus bbcream).  This one is also thinner in texture.  Don't really know the lasting power yet as I have yet to try it for a period of time.. I will edit this post when I get to test and use this bbcream for a month.

Gmarket link to Bavipat bbcream
such beautiful packaging

Office Lady BBcream

pump installed!  Like Missha!
The Tony Moly Lip balm/stick/gloss was so adorable.  I couldn't help myself and finally bought one!

Love love love the packaging!

I love all the colours and wanted all of them...but you know...not practical.  I ended up choosing the orange one because I always wanted to use orange lipstick but never was brave enough to wear orange least this is a start! It was roughly $5.00CAD

I tried it and it's quite moisturizing.  There is also a hint of orange tint to it...and it smells like orange starbursts..YUM..

This lip balm/gloss also came with free samples!  

Gmarket link to Lip balm/gloss:

So cute!!
Number 07- orange



  1. These have cute packaging! Would you compare the bb creams for me x)! I thought the lipgloss/balm was apen at first.

    1. Okay, no problem..I will do a bbcream post for u sometime this weekend..I will compare the one's I have and swatch them. :)

      Haha...the tony moly lip balm thing is so cute and convenient to carry around!