Friday, March 2, 2012

Gmarket Items Arrived!

My Gmarket stuff came!  Woot..I am extremely happy with this purchase at Gmarket.
I usually get my clothes before from but now that I have tried and liked Gmarket, I shall never go back!  Shipping is so freakin fast...these stuff came in one week! 7 days..BAM! was good quality but sometimes there were hits and sometimes misses.  It is a lot to pay for potential misses.  Zipia requires a minimum of $300.00USD purchase which was a pain.  There is no minimum of purchase amount for Gmarket as it is a Korean eBay.  It's shipped by the weight of your items.

I bought a pair flats, 3 blazers: 2 for me and one for my co-worker friend ;) , one pair of shorts and one blouse.  All were excellent quality.  The shorts came with a free brown skinny belt.

Picture time!

My flats 
It was like $10.00USD prior to shipping costs- Totally worth it...feels like any other flats from Aldo or wherever.
Gmarket link to my flats
They came with a pair of insert sticker foam thing
front view of flats
inside of flats
My Blouse and shorts
My blouse was around $12.00USD prior to shipping costs.  I swear it's like what Aritzia sells but CHEAPER! My shorts were of high quality too...FREE belt! LOL
Gmarket link to my shorts
Gmarket link to my blouse

tag/label of my blouse

excuse the mask..I didnt want my face in the photo
close up of the pattern on my blouse
i made an outfit!
My Blazers
They were probably between $20.00-$40.00USD prior to shipping.  Depending on which one..which I forgot which is which and I am too tired to read and look up.  They are all from the same brand tho.  I bought 2 black of the black one is the same as my pink one.  I didnt take that one out of it's wrapper too long, only long enough so I can differentiate to wrap up as it was a gift.
nicely bag/wrap
my baby pink blazer
close up of the tag- I am a size 66
pink blazer worn

my black fitted blazer
black blazer worn

That's all for now!  Feel free to leave me a comment/ questions.



  1. :) Hi! I love the clothes you got, looks so pretty on you >.<. I have a question, how much was the shipping for you? If you don't mind me asking :). I live in Toronto and would love to purchase from Gmarket, but I just want to know about the shipping cost. Also, were the clothes you chose one size? I'm quite small, 5' so I'm not sure how are the sizes >.<


    1. Shipping was roughly $50.00CAD. I bought the stuff above and plus my bf bought 2 pairs of pants. Gmarket tends to overcharge for shipping and then refund you back into the Gmarket account for future use. They dont seem to refund the remaining money back into the original method of payment tho..Shipping is usually calculated based on weight so it really depends what you buy. Regardless of shipping, so far I dont think I have had a bad purchase from them...great quality stuff...I swear it's like Aritzia stuff but wayyyy cheaper.

      The clothes I chose are usually free size and for blazers I choose a size 66.
      I normally wear a size small-medium and at H&M I wear a size 4-6(pants and tops). Other pant places I am 26-28 for pants. I am 5'3.5 in height. The shorts I bought were size M..and they fit just right..not too loose or too tight. BTW..I prefer wearing more loose clothes.

      If you are small, the free size should work on you. If you are buying a blazer or coat..perhaps you should try size 55.

  2. hi first thanks for your review! the articles you bought look really good!
    i'd like to order on gmarket too, however even in the english site when i try to choose the article i want it is written in korean, so i can't choose the one i want, nor the size or color!
    did you have the same problem? (or maybe you can read korean^^)

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, Gmarket is essentially in Korean so you would either need to know the language OR grab a pen and paper and jot down the things you like and then look through the drop down menu to find if your thing is in stock and then choose the colour and size option.

      I actually bought some more things from Gmarket recently and when they come, I will review it here and on soompi. Perhaps I will post up some basic Korean words: colour and potential sizing on my next Gmarket blog.

      Oh, I can read basic Korean..enough to do online


  3. hi, just wanna know, are those blazers good quality? and are they thick?

    1. They are of good quality...they are spring blazers so they aren't super thick..but they are not thin or feels expensive and the fit is really nice for petite body shapes.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi,

    Your review was extremely helpful! Just a quick question, what was the size for your which shoes? And what size (US) do you normally wear?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks! The shoes I bought were size 240. They fit like a perfect US 7. I normally wear US 7-7.5 and these shoes just fit.

      I was wearing them out the other day and noticed they don't stretch much and it started to scratch the back of my heel. It might just be because they are brand spanking new and still stiff. Maybe I can break into them a few more wears.

      I just bought another small order from Gmarket and picked up oxfords, they are also size 240. I think next time I will try size 245...I prefer them looser...if they are big..inserts usually help.

      Hopefully this is helpful!

      Again, thanks for reading and commenting. I love reading comments. :)