Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random Shopping in Vancouver, BC

I stopped by Walmart again looking for some stuff and saw this Homer Simpson shirt in the mens section.   As I do love the Simpsons and this was a inexpensive shirt, I picked it up.  It was $ will be a summer tee or if everything fails I will use it as a sleep shirt! ;)

Spring Shoes

I initially dropped by Spring because I was looking for Oxfords and then realized I needed to pick up some terry cloth insoles.  These terry cloth insoles are re-usable as you can wash and re-use them.  They make any shoes comfartable!  Crazy stuff.  I believe these insoles are $7.00CAD a pair?

Walking around the store I saw these flats, they were on sale for $29.95CAD so I decided to pick them up.  It looks similar to the one's I bought on Gmarket but are tad more on the casual side.

Inside of the flats, not very comfy thus the inserts!
Downtown Vancouver
I was wandering around downtown Vancouver around Seymour Street on my lunch break and stumbled upon a store that looked similar to the cube store in Richmond Aberdeen Centre.  This place had those individual boxes that sold miscellaneous things.  There were fake emo glasses, sunglasses, ipod/iphone accessories, beauty products, clothes, lingerie..random Japanese/Korean stuff.  The staff there was super nice too.

I picked up some iphone/ipod stickers for my button.  

I know I got ripped off but yeah...I wanted them and didn't feel like ordering it from Gmarket.  These stickers were $5.00CAD.

I also saw this hair accessory that is suppose to be able to make your long hair turn into a bob cut.  It too was also $5.00CAD and I bought it to try it out.

It sort of works...I have long hair is stops almost at my waist but is layered.  This clip thing is able to make my hair look like a bob from behind..but not from the front..this may be due to the fact that my hair is layered...I didnt take a picture from the front as it doesn't do what it is suppose to...I'm not blaming the's my hair..
My hair..I used flash so the pic is weird

Rolled with the clip


  1. That hair clip is so neat! Your I-devicce looks so cute too >.<

    1. Thanks! Ya..the hair clip thing is pretty cool! It does work if you have the proper hair