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BB creams and Foundations- reviews of what I own

I was attempting to swatch and take pictures of my face products and realized that I suck at swatching and my hand shakes too much to take photos.  Can I verbally explain the awesomeness and suckiness of products without swatching?  Hahah
My current collection
As I have noted before, my skin seems to recognize things that I have been using for a while thus I have to swap to alternative products and then swap back because things feel like they stop working!

I like to try new things so..I do!  I don't have sensitive skin so I can really try whatever.  I don't think anything broke me out..some of the stuff I use is good and some are meh.

I will be listing the foundations/bbcreams I have that I like or dislike in this post.

This review is based on my technically some stuff that works for me may not necessarily work for you.

I prefer not to use anything too heavy as I am still young, the things I use are really just to cover my scars and some blemishes that I may have.  I don't know what colour my skin is....I don't know the reference when people say they are a MAC Nsomething something...sorry...I don't use it so I don't know my number.

I have light asian skin..not super light!  My skin is a combination of oily/dry..depending on the weather/season.

As of right now I am using the 2 Baviphat bbcreams and the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation.  Those are the 3 that I swap around...switching it every 2 weeks...rotating until I use it up!

I do prefer bbcreams over tinted moisturizer as bbcreams are technically suppose to be moisturizer, sun screen, "foundation",  whitening and contain other medical healing products all rolled into one.  With bbcream you don't need to put anything on before applying it.  After a period of time you are "suppose" to see an improvement in your skin.  I have been using bbcreams for years....and I don't know if they work the way they are "suppose" to in regards to whitening and healing...but they are good for the summer or days I don't feel like applying foundation.  Technically foundation does nothing in regards to "healing" so really foundation feels like paint to me.  Foundation just covers...some don't have yeah....for daily use I do prefer bbcream.  The only time I use foundation is when I feel like I need that extra coverage.

The following products are what I use:
  • Baviphat BB Magic girls Plus Bb Cream- Dry Skin Formula- #02
  • Baviphat Office Lady Bb cream-#02 - Natural Beige
  • Missha Perfect Cover Bb cream- #23
  • Skin79 VIP Gold Collection: Super BB
  • Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation- Bamboo Beige
  • Revlon Photoready- #004 Nude
  • Make Up Forever Face & Body Liquid Makeup- #20
  • bareMinerals Original- Light W15
Reviewing time!
Baviphat BB Magic girls Plus Bb Cream- Dry Skin Formula- #02

Texture: thick
Scented? Yes, lightly

This bbcream comes in 2 colours.  I always choose the darker shade because I know that the lighter shades are going to be extremely light.  I actually really like this bbcream.  I am planning to repurchase it when I run out...another excuse to shop on Gmarket! LOL.  It has good coverage for bbcream and it has spf30!  It stays on for a very long in I don't touch up my makeup and it still is okay at the end of the day.  It might be a little oily at the end of the day, that's where blotting paper comes in!  The reason for that could be that I bought the one for dry skin, which means it is suppose to be more "moisturizing".  Perhaps the one for oily skin is different?  It is a regular squeeze bottle.

Rating: 5/5

Baviphat Office Lady Bb cream-#02 Natural Beige

Texture: light, like other mainstream bbcream
Scented? Yes, pretty strong smell.  I do think the smell wears off after 15 min.  smells good though. :)

This bbcream also comes in 2 colours and I think this bbcream is good.  I just started using it and I don't see any problems with it.  The coverage is not as good as the other Baviphat Magic girls plus bbcream but it's not sheer like tinted moisturizer.  It gives light/medium coverage, leaning towards medium side.  I would describe this as better than tinted moisturizer, coves more and supposedly "heals".  It has spf 45.  I might repurchase this again...still deciding as I have just used it for a week.  It does what it is suppose to, which is cover imperfections and it's not oily or heavy.  It uses a pump.

Rating: 4.5/5

Missha Perfect Cover Bb cream- #23- Natural Beige

Texture:  light, almost the same as the Baviphat Office Lady bbcream/ other mainstream bbcreams
Scented? Yes, not too strong
Again, 2 shades of colour to choose from.  Coverage for this one is not as good as the Baviphats.  It gives light/medium coverage leaning to the light side. It's alright..I haven't used it for a while because I feel I need something with better coverage for the last few months.  This one I have repurchased and I would say Missha Perfect Cover bbcream is a good starting bbcream.  I don't love it or dislike it...I could use it but I have discovered alternatives.  It has spf42.  It uses a pump.

Rating: 3.5/5

Skin79 VIP Gold Collection: Super BB

Texture: light, same as other mainstream bbcreams
Scented? Yes, lightly

I don't like it.  There was good reviews for this one...but I don't like it..Coverage is light/medium leaning towards light.  It has spf25.  The coverage was meh and I definitely know of better bbcreams than this one..Missha is better. Hey!  A lot of people do like this can actually buy a sample size of all the skin79 bbcreams as a package on if you really wanted to try it out without committing to a bottle. I personally will not buy it again.  It uses a pump.

Rating: 1/5
My attempted swatching
From left to right: Baviphat BB Magic girls Plus Bb Cream, Baviphat Office Lady Bb cream, Missha Perfect Cover Bb cream, Skin79 VIP Gold Collection: Super BB

This is what it looks like when I first put in on...but as you may know, bbcream will magically blend into your skin colour and it will look normal! Magical!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation- Bamboo Beige

Texture: thick, creamy and silky
Scented? Yes, pretty strong.
Awesome coverage and buildable!  I like it but it has no spf and is a squeeze bottle.  Very creamy and blends out nicely for a flawless finish.  Too bad it has not "healing" it is really just awesome paint..hahha.. I took this foundation to cancun and it didn't melt in the doesn't feel heavy or clogging either.  I like it a lot and I recently repurchased it as I ran out. costs $55.00CAD here and then there's the tax! It's $42.00USD in the states, buy it there. 

Rating: 4.5/5

 Revlon Photoready- #004 Nude
Texture: Thinner than Laura Mercier
Scented? Yes, lightly

When I first used this I thought the coverage was pretty good but the bad part is that it's sparkly! There's small glitter dust in supposedly is for photos so when you are taking a picture it wont give you that creepy white glow.  It has spf 20 and has a pump. It's inexpensive and can be purchased at any drug store.  Besides the glitter problem, this foundation is encased in a glass bottle.  If you drop it, it will shatter.

Rating: 3.5/5

 Make Up Forever Face & Body Liquid Makeup- #20

Texture:  Thick..goopy? 
Scented? Yes, not too strong

This is a foundation I bought because I read/watched reviews and they all stated that this product is waterproof...or perhaps water resistant.  It has extremely long wear and it works on the face and the body.  I heard sometimes people use it for wedding makeup.  It's okay, I don't love this or hate it.  I feel like because it is waterproof/resistant it probably will clog pores so it has not made it to my regular rotations.  It is also glass and uses a pump.
Rating: 3.5/5

bareMinerals Original- Light W15

Texture: It's powder
Scented? No?  If it is scented, I actually don't smell it at all.
I tried to use it as a foundation but I couldn't seem to love it.  I primarily use this as a concealer and do touch ups with it on top of what I am wearing that day.  I have repurchased this 2 times yeah I think this is a good buy.
Rating: 4.5/5

Where to buy bbcreams: Gmarket or Yesasia
Where to buy foundations: Sephora or your local drug stores: Walmart, Superstore, RiteAid, etc.

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