Sunday, April 1, 2012

계란말이- Korean Egg Roll

Was hungry and I had a craving for 계란말이 (Korean egg roll) so I googled the recipe and made some!  It was gooooood... I don't like omelets and this tastes different than an omelet although it essentially is same thing, I guess the difference is that this is rolled up!

I made it with 2 tries because my first try I was being greedy and loaded the filling in.  When I tried to roll broke because there was not enough egg to support it..hahah..lesson learned!  

My second one rolled nicely! :)  It's not perfect but it was close

I will make it again...I need more practice in rolling it nicely.  Plus I think my filling needs to be chopped smaller.  So simple yet so delicious!

pretty colours
beaten eggs
Into the pan you go!
My first greedy attempt! LOL
Second rolled!
Cut up and ready to eat!