Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pork Belly Beer House Downtown Vancouver

Drawings/writing on the walls at the Pork Belly Beer House
After some recommendations I went to visit the Pork Belly Beer House in Vancouver Downtown.  It was delicious and it was inexpensive.  It was a place to eat samgyupsal in lettuce wraps.  SO much meat and it was all I can eat!  I enjoyed it and I will definitely come back.  It is a self serve place.  You grab your own food, water, pop, side dishes, soups, chopsticks and everything.  The only thing you can grill is samgyupsal-pork belly.  There is cooked bulgogi-pork and beef and fried chicken.  If you pay by cash, there is a discount.  Also if you finish within certain time frames, it would be cheaper.  My boyfriend and I finished eating in 40 minutes and it was $14.50CAD instead of $16.50CAD.  We paid by credit card.

Pork Belly Beer House
Robson Street/West End
841 Bidwell Street
Vancouver, BC V6G2J7
Urbanspoon link:

Self serve!
Front of menu- sorry my picture is blurry
Back of menu- sorry my picture is blurry
the area where you grab your food
wall of drawings/writing by patrons over the years
fresh pork belly! mmm samgyupsal
my lettuce wrap!
So delicious!  I must come back! :D


Sunday, March 10, 2013

February 2013 Gmarket order

My February 2013 Gmarket order came!  I bought a faux leather jacket, floral skirt, long black blazer, denim shorts, 2 Korean student books and some Holika Holika foot masks. 
The faux leather jacket is soft.  Doesn't feel all that fake and I like the cute pink poka dot lining inside the jacket.  I think I would buy another faux leather jacket from Gmarket.  I still want to find another black one with a different collar.  I am looking for one that is similar to a blazer and not quite biker jacket type like below.  It is pretty cute looking though.  This jacket costs about $47.00CAD.

Next item is the floral skirt.  I kept seeing it advertised in the blazers that I was looking at.  I really like the brand realCOCO because the quality of their blazers are pretty awesome.  The blazer I purchased in this order was also from realCOCO.  Back to the skirt, this skirt is so adorable!  The print and the colour is perfect for spring.  The only thing that is bad about it is the sizing.  It does have half an elastic waistband but because it is one size fits all, it runs a bit small.  I would say this skirt is between a x-small to small in American sizing.  In numbers I would say it is a size 02-04.  I normally wear a 04 to 06 but preferably 06 as it is more comfortable.  It has an inner lining layer which means its not sheer.  It is a lovely skirt.
This skirt was about $18.00CAD.

elastic waist band
extra inside lining
 The blazer is from realCOCO and I love the quality.  I just wanted to own a long black blazer.  I recommend this brand for their coats and blazers.  I bought a size 66 as I can wear layers underneath.  This blazer was about $28.00CAD.

Lastly for the clothing purchase is the denim shorts in an acid wash colour.  I bought a size medium and they were about $8.00CAD.  They are pretty decent quality shorts. They fit perfectly, I think next time I would like to buy a size large instead as I like my clothes a little more loose but this does fit perfectly.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ipad Mini Case- Composition Book from Portenzo

my ipad mini case
I purchased an Ipad mini a month ago and I could not find any cute cases for it.  All the cases I could find are nothing special and the cute one's were not for the mini.  I surfed around Gmarket and still couldn't find anything the amazed me.  I stumbled upon Dodo cases which are cases that look like books and then with further research I chose to buy a Portenzo case.  Portenzo and Dodo both make similar ipad cases but I found out that Portenzo's cases were sturdier so I chose them.  It took a while for it to ship as each case was custom made.  I chose the composition book.  I really love my case.  It is a little heavier due to the fact that they use wood for the case holster but it looks so pretty the extra weight doesn't matter.  I do recommend this case.  I got mine with the extra: intellistand and the camera opening which did cost a little more but it makes the usage so much more convenient.  Shipping to Canada was also quite pricey.  The case itself was $69.95USD and then cost more with the added features. When you close the book, the ipad locks.  Very beautiful design and I am very happy with my purchase. :)

unwrapping my case
teaches you how to remove the ipad from the case
opened with intellistand from front
opened with intellistand from back
close up of the wood case
camera hole- usually hidden by strap
Happy shopping!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

December 2012 Gmarket Purchase

Sorry I haven't been on blogging for a while.  I have been quite busy for the last few months.  I can't believe it is already March 2013!

I had ordered my Gmarket stuff back in December 2012 but had only gotten it recently, early February 2013 as there was one item that was holding back my whole order.  I had emailed and requested them to cancel my one item and they were initially helpful but soon disappeared.   My Korean friend had to help me contact them on the Korean site to cancel that one item so they can release my order.  Anywho, back to my purchase.  I was super happy when I got my stuff, the delay had been so long that I had forgotten what I had bought!  Everything was a nice surprise and everything was so awesome!

I bought a large black purse.  I currently use it as my everyday purse.  It's fairly large and the material is very soft.  It feels like soft leather, but of course it is not leather.  I love the tag detailing of  the purse.  It is very sturdy and I would buy from this seller again. :)  It came with a cross body strap as well.
It was about $40.00CAD
front of bag
with cross body strap attached
back of bag
close up of tag
A second bag I bought was this almond brown coloured purse.  I like the colour and the details of the pockets and stitching.  Again, the material of the bag is nice and soft.  Both bags are super sturdy and feels expensive.  Something strange about this bag, it also came with a cross body strap but there is no where to hook the strap onto..puzzling.  Well, it can still be worn as a purse so the cross body strap is technically not essential for me.  This bag was about $23.00CAD.

front of bag
mystery cross body strap- no where to attach!
back of bag
I picked up a green safari jacket.  I wanted one for a while but didn't find the right one here in Vancouver.  The only possible one that I had my eyes on was this one at Aritzia and it costs $120.00CAD.  I couldn't justify spending $120.00 on that as it's not even a warm jacket...I shopped around on Gmarket and found one for $40.00CAD, woot woot!  When I opened it, it wasn't exactly what I thought it would was padded and thicker than what I thought I would be getting.  I assumed it was going to be one of those wind breaker material jackets...thin...but it wasn't!  Awesome!  I can actually wear it now during our cold rainy weather..and so I do! 
quilted padding- warm!
this is relatively the colour of the jacket..perhaps a bit more green.  Sorry, my room's lighting sucks.
with hood on
I bought a few long sleeve graphic tees and they are all nice quality.  First up is a green Long sleeve shirt with pictures of a model.  It's long enough to cover my bum when I want to wear leggings.  It is actually fairly hard to find long shirts here in Vancouver.  I tried for months to find inexpensive long shirts but couldn't find any.  I wasn't willing to pay $20.00+ for a cotton tee so I turned to Gmarket.  It seems like Korea, Japan, China and Hong Kong like to make shirts that are long....that's good because I like wearing leggings and I find it uncomfortable if my shirt is not long enough to cover the front and back.  Leggings are not quite pants and I find it awkward when I see some ladies wear them as pants.  Nothing super special about the 3 long sleeve tee shirts, they are just regular cotton tees. ;)  This green one was $13.00CAD.

Next is my long sleeve white tee with skull with mustache.  This was about $9.00CAD.  It pops under my green jacket because of the skull guy's red beanie.  The words under him are quite cute, it says "mustache nice, good good very good". Haha..cute
Third shirt is a black long sleeve tee shirt with contrast words.  It was the same price as the skull shirt, about $9.00CAD.I bought this at the same place as the mustache tee.
Lastly I wanted to buy a ring that doesn't turn my finger green but didn't want to spend too much.  I ended up finding a simple sterling silver heart shaped ring.  So far so good, no green finger!  This was about $3.00CAD
Happy shopping guys!  I have 2 more orders from Gmarket coming shortly.  More reviews again shortly! :D