Sunday, March 10, 2013

February 2013 Gmarket order

My February 2013 Gmarket order came!  I bought a faux leather jacket, floral skirt, long black blazer, denim shorts, 2 Korean student books and some Holika Holika foot masks. 
The faux leather jacket is soft.  Doesn't feel all that fake and I like the cute pink poka dot lining inside the jacket.  I think I would buy another faux leather jacket from Gmarket.  I still want to find another black one with a different collar.  I am looking for one that is similar to a blazer and not quite biker jacket type like below.  It is pretty cute looking though.  This jacket costs about $47.00CAD.

Next item is the floral skirt.  I kept seeing it advertised in the blazers that I was looking at.  I really like the brand realCOCO because the quality of their blazers are pretty awesome.  The blazer I purchased in this order was also from realCOCO.  Back to the skirt, this skirt is so adorable!  The print and the colour is perfect for spring.  The only thing that is bad about it is the sizing.  It does have half an elastic waistband but because it is one size fits all, it runs a bit small.  I would say this skirt is between a x-small to small in American sizing.  In numbers I would say it is a size 02-04.  I normally wear a 04 to 06 but preferably 06 as it is more comfortable.  It has an inner lining layer which means its not sheer.  It is a lovely skirt.
This skirt was about $18.00CAD.

elastic waist band
extra inside lining
 The blazer is from realCOCO and I love the quality.  I just wanted to own a long black blazer.  I recommend this brand for their coats and blazers.  I bought a size 66 as I can wear layers underneath.  This blazer was about $28.00CAD.

Lastly for the clothing purchase is the denim shorts in an acid wash colour.  I bought a size medium and they were about $8.00CAD.  They are pretty decent quality shorts. They fit perfectly, I think next time I would like to buy a size large instead as I like my clothes a little more loose but this does fit perfectly.

Happy shopping!

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