Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ipad Mini Case- Composition Book from Portenzo

my ipad mini case
I purchased an Ipad mini a month ago and I could not find any cute cases for it.  All the cases I could find are nothing special and the cute one's were not for the mini.  I surfed around Gmarket and still couldn't find anything the amazed me.  I stumbled upon Dodo cases which are cases that look like books and then with further research I chose to buy a Portenzo case.  Portenzo and Dodo both make similar ipad cases but I found out that Portenzo's cases were sturdier so I chose them.  It took a while for it to ship as each case was custom made.  I chose the composition book.  I really love my case.  It is a little heavier due to the fact that they use wood for the case holster but it looks so pretty the extra weight doesn't matter.  I do recommend this case.  I got mine with the extra: intellistand and the camera opening which did cost a little more but it makes the usage so much more convenient.  Shipping to Canada was also quite pricey.  The case itself was $69.95USD and then cost more with the added features. When you close the book, the ipad locks.  Very beautiful design and I am very happy with my purchase. :)

unwrapping my case
teaches you how to remove the ipad from the case
opened with intellistand from front
opened with intellistand from back
close up of the wood case
camera hole- usually hidden by strap
Happy shopping!



  1. Cute case! I agree with you, all the ones that retail has (I work in a giant electronics store) sucks. they're super plain and sometimes even ugly!
    Good that you found this one!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Jess. :)