Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pork Belly Beer House Downtown Vancouver

Drawings/writing on the walls at the Pork Belly Beer House
After some recommendations I went to visit the Pork Belly Beer House in Vancouver Downtown.  It was delicious and it was inexpensive.  It was a place to eat samgyupsal in lettuce wraps.  SO much meat and it was all I can eat!  I enjoyed it and I will definitely come back.  It is a self serve place.  You grab your own food, water, pop, side dishes, soups, chopsticks and everything.  The only thing you can grill is samgyupsal-pork belly.  There is cooked bulgogi-pork and beef and fried chicken.  If you pay by cash, there is a discount.  Also if you finish within certain time frames, it would be cheaper.  My boyfriend and I finished eating in 40 minutes and it was $14.50CAD instead of $16.50CAD.  We paid by credit card.

Pork Belly Beer House
Robson Street/West End
841 Bidwell Street
Vancouver, BC V6G2J7
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Self serve!
Front of menu- sorry my picture is blurry
Back of menu- sorry my picture is blurry
the area where you grab your food
wall of drawings/writing by patrons over the years
fresh pork belly! mmm samgyupsal
my lettuce wrap!
So delicious!  I must come back! :D



  1. This looks so delicious~ I might go with my friends this weekend!

    1. If you go, let me know what you think!

      I really want to eat it night craving. :)