Saturday, May 18, 2013

March 2013 Gmarket Purchase Part 1

I have been quite busy and tired lately and have not had the time to update.  I had made a Gmarket purchase back in March 2013 but didn't have the time to take photos.  I will post Part 1 of the Gmarket purchase now and post Part 2 later on.  Part 1 is clothing and shoes and Part 2 will be accessories.

I bought a pair of heels from Gmarket.  I believe they are 13cm in height, extremely high!  They aren't uncomfortable but they aren't comfortable either.   I don't know when I would possibly wear these as they are ridiculously high and make me feel like I could tumble over at any moment!  I guess it is safe to say that it doesn't feel all balanced/sturdy.  They are very cute looking with the sparkles and the "signature" on the sole.  It costs about $32.00CAD.

I bought the green jacket last time and wanted to pick up another colour, perhaps with a slight variation of style so I chose this blue jacket with removable insert/hood/siding.  It is great quality and I love this jacket.  This is the spring collection and it doesn't have the cotton quilting but it is fine to wear out in Vancouver's raining spring weather, I am not cold.  Another difference between my green jacket and this one is that this jacket has buttons and a zipper, otherwise they are fairly similar.  It was about $32.00CAD.

I saw this jacket and thought it was cute, howvere I bought it in a size medium and it is a tad big?  It was $24.00CAD.  Very good quality material I may say.  I am not sure what to wear it with so it remains in my closet for now.

Cute sweater and long shirt/dress combo, a black long tee and a dress shirt with cotton material backing.  They were all around $11.00CAD each.  They are made with quality material.

Happy shopping!  Part 2 of accessories coming soon!



  1. does the clothes fit? aaah i wanted to buy some clothes frm gmarket T____T but im afraid their sizes wouldnt fit me well...
    how much is your weight and tall? im 5'34 / 120 lb

    1. Hi doublechoi,

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      I am about 118lb and 5'3

      I tend to buy size 66 in blazers on gmarket as I have tried 55 and it just fits. 66 gives a bit more room to wear more layers underneath. The one size shirts tend to be boxy so they usually fit. Hope this helps.


  2. Nice haul! :)

    I always wanted to try to order from Gmarket, since the items there are cute.

    Really like the heels and the jacket.