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Missha creams and BB cream Review

Besides purchasing Vichy night cream I have went and purchased some Missha creams as recommended by a friend.  The line is: Cho Bo Yang.  They are beautifully packaged and they are actually easily accessible for people in North America too as they have an official Missha site for Canada and USA.  The US site is better as people can actually post reviews of the products and I think the price varies too.  The US site also has a bigger variety of products too.  But since I live in Vancouver, I have to shop from the Canada site -___-

First off, the Cho Bo Yang line is a herbal skin care line that is designed to feel like you are using Chinese medicine.  The fragrance is exactly of Chinese medicine.  You know when you enter an Chinese herbal store, it's like that smell.  The fragrance is pretty strong and you would have to get use to it.  I am fine with it now, but in the beginning I was not loving Chinese medicine is what I had to consume as a child when I was sick as my parents preferred it over Western medication..haha.  Anywho, I ordered a Cho Bo Yang Cream and 2 Emulsions as it is free shipping for $75.00CAD and up.  When I opened the box, out came 1 Cho Bo Yang Cream, 2 Emulsions, 2 toners and a bunch of samples. toners!!  I gave one to my friend(the one that recommended Cho Bo Yang) as I can not possibly use both and she definitely uses it. :) The packaging for the creams are beautiful and the bottles are made of glass? 

Now onto my review!
Note: I have combination skin and tend to be oilier in my T zone.I normally break out only at the time of the month and may have a blemish here or there once in a while.
Cho Bo Yang Cream (night cream)
I bought the Cho Bo Yang Cream-"night cream". It is not designated as a night cream but it is so heavy that it should only be used as a night cream. It is really heavy and greasy! It comes with a small plastic spatula for you to scoop it out.  There are also small flecks of gold inside!  When you rub it, it will disappear. Oooh luxurious! Funny story, I don't have much experience with creams and I put a nickle size amount on my hand and distributed it on my face and went to bed to realize..damn!  My face is oily...should it feel this way?  The answer is clearly NO!  My friend laughed when I told her that I put that much on..she said you would only need to put a pea size or smaller amount on.  It's very moisturizing but it may feel like too greasy for some.  It feels like it may clog pores but it didn't clog mine.  It doesn't leave a tacky residue on your face either so it's not greasy in that sense.  I switch between this and my Vichy night cream.  This Cho Bo Yang Cream costs $29.99CAD.  If you have really dry skin, this should be a pretty good cure.

look how thick!
do you see how it its like jelly consistency? Thick!
Cho Bo Yang Emulsion(day cream) and Cho Bo Yang Toner
The Cho Bo Yang Emulsion works like a day cream to me.  It is not too heavy and is perfect use as a daytime moisturizer.  I specifically use this with my Missha BB cream.  The combination of both Missha Cho Bo Yang Emulsion with the Missha BB cream is great!  I use the toner before using the Emulsion and it makes the application smoother.  The Emulsion is $24.88CAD.  The toner was Freeeeee..perhaps an error in packing but if bought regularly is $24.99CAD.
Cho Bo Yang Emulsion
Cho Bo Yang Toner
Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream
Picked up a Missha bbcream at Hmart in Aberdeen Centre, I needed a new BB cream as my current one doesnt seem to work anymore.  I bought the Missha Signature Real Complete BB cream in #23 Natural Yellow Beige. It costs $31.88CAD.  This BB cream comes in 3 colours: #13 Light Milky Beige, #21 Light Pink Beige and #23 Natural Yellow Beige.  I comes out in a pump format and I do like like this BB cream.  It has light/medium coverage and is lightweight.  It doesn't feel like you are wearing anything at all. :)  It has SPF 25.  Last time I went to Cancun I don't know why I didn't bring BB cream but I totally should of.  If I am to go back to Mexico next year, I am definitely bringing this.  It's moisturizing, coverage and has SPF 25 all in one.  Let me tell you, layering on sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation sucks when you are in a humid place!  So much work and it may melt off.   Back to the BB cream, the packaging of this BB cream is beautifully done.  Oh Missha, your packaging for skin care are so pretty!  You can drop by the Hmart to buy it locally or shop online as the Missha website has it too.
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#23 Natural Yellow Beige
Hope you enjoy my pictures and review, let me know if you any questions!

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  1. looking to try some of their herbal skin care products, thanks for the review! I love that bb cream too. It's the best one I've tried out of like the 10 different ones I bought!