Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cancun 2012- The Beloved Playa Mujeres

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the delay posts!  I have been shopping and have taken pictures but haven't had the time to post pictures up.  I am catching up slowly!  The post will be picture heavy.
I recently went on a small vacation to Cancun again with my bf.  It was so relaxing and the food was amazing!  I have been to Cancun the year before and I loved it!  Last year we went with a group of friends to Live Aqua- all inclusive and that again was an awesome experience.  Luxurious and oh so delicious food!  We wanted to stay at an alternative hotel other than Live Aqua so I chose The Beloved- all inclusive.  This hotel was very different from Live Aqua as it was further out and not in the hotel zone.  It was roughly a 30 minute drive away from the airport whereas Live Aqua was about 15 minutes away.  There were 2 gates that we passed in order to get to our resort which made us feel really safe.  The downside was that we weren't close to any shopping district.  At Live Aqua, we were 2 block away from a mall.  The beach was different as well, at The Beloved the beach had a bit of seaweed and the water was not as blue.  The Beloved resort felt more like a honeymoon resort so it was quite quiet and relaxing.  Live Aqua was quiet as well but there were beach volleyball and other activities available.  I like both resorts and would return to both in a heartbeat!  We stayed initially in an Oceanfront view room but my bf said it wasn't close enough to the ocean so we upgraded to the Casita.  The Casita is a 2 story building really close to the beach- ocean front view.  You can either choose a private pool(ground level) or a plunge pool(2nd floor).  We chose the private plunge pool and it was amazing.  Everything was clean, delicious and a dream.  There was a sushi lounge/bar, 4 restaurants and plenty of 24 hour room service.  There was live music every night!  From djs to live bands to people playing the harp!  My favourite food to order from the 24 hour room service was the tuna tataki salad with avocado and mango.  *drooooool*  They provided 4 bottles of premium alcohol  that can be restocked and the rooms we chose had a jacuzzi in them as well.  Too bad we were not drinkers, so most of the alcohol stayed where it was.

Enough talk, here are pictures!
champagne upon arrival while checking in
our original room- ocean view jr suite
marble bathroom
huge shower room- jets on side, hand shower and rainfall shower
indoor jacuzzi!
living room!
premium alcohol
fully stocked fridge
menu for Lupita
menu 02 for Lupita
Lupita inside
Mango margarita
strawberry margarita
different spreads for bread
Lupita- where I sat
crab appetizer
duck tamal

El norteno- Beef tenderloin with pumpkin seed over mashed potato with corn and chille pasilla sauce
Viva Puebla- Roasted half chicken in bell pepper in mole with coriander rice
Tuna Tataki avocado mango salad
Caesar salad and chicken
Chicken fingers and fried
Sirloin steak
Creme brule
room service after eating at Lupita
view from balcony at the ocean view junior suite
queen lounger bed on balcony
room service breakfast on balcony!
first pool
en-route to beach
large chess game
Casita with private pool
first pool up close with lounge chairs
view from when i was laying on the lounge bed
the lounge bed I was laying on
Lupita Lounge during the day
Lupita restaurant
Lupita lounge again
the spa
Aroma restaurant
Aroma restaurant outside
second entrance to Aroma restaurant

El Mar- outside beach restaurant
mango orange juice
sweet rice water
El Mar menu
juice/drinks of the day
orange cassis
mango margarita
Melted cheese appetizer

fresh Hawaiian pizza
Caribbean beef ribs
chicken and beef skewers
Moving to the Casita
Linda 4
Bathroom in Casita

Same shower but a bit smaller
bar and alcohol section
bedroom/living room
living room
upstairs leading to the private plunge pool
outside shower upstairs
lounge bed and plunge pool
view from the roof

the beach with seaweed
me wandering into the water

room service on our roof sitting on our lounge bed relaxing in plunge pool- Tuna tataki salad!! :D
Carmen sandwich-  that is really what it was
cascading waterfall in our private plunge pool
me peering down at the restaurants
my traveling pig Hammie!
Lupita Lounge with live DJ
sushi at the Lupita Lounge
bf and I were playing chess at night

Having dessert back on our roof while looking at the stars
Aroma outside
Aroma buffet breakfast
my breakfast plate 01
bf breakfast plate
mexican coffee- bf said it was YUM

my breakfast plate 02
my cereal!
chocolate goodness with soy milk
on boat to go para-sailing
lounging on beach and having a strawberry mojito and bottled water
Having lunch above the pool at Isla Grill
menu 01 at Isla Grill
menu 02 at Isla Grill
Open salad bar and I made a salad
slush drinks not sure what it was but I didn't drink much as it had too much alcohol, but oh so pretty!
chicken wings
calamari and salad
mango margarita- not strong so I had that
Isla Grill- the spot where we had lunch, floating above pool
swimming at the 2nd pool
swim up bar at 2nd pool
Room service-Caesar salad
Room service- seared garlic catch of the day with salad
Room service-fresh hamburger

Room service- Tuna Tataki salad!
Room service- cheesecake
Aroma Restaurant in the evening
Hot green tea with honey
Melon liqueur slush
Balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil
amuse bouche

lobster bisque
seafood soup
duck breast served with ratatouille, black truffle oil and sweet potato

caramel tart with vanilla ice cream
indoor bar
grasshopper martini- I ordered it because I wanted to know what Raj's favourite drink taste like in Big
martini- not sure of flavour
Fully stocked bar- too bad we didn't know what and how to drink- we kept thinking of our friend H. and how he would love it here~!
Our Casita at night
Hammie on vacation
Room service- continental breakfast
Orange juice, grapefruit juice and pastries with nutella
yummy pastries
french toast with dulce de leche
someone cleaning the seaweed off the beach
cantaloupe and honey dew juice
melon soda
catch of the day, chicken and beef skewer
El Mar fro outside
Do not disturb sign- no molestar!
Stopped by the Lupita Lounge for sushi/nigiri again
Menu 01 at Isla Grill in the evening
Menu 02 at Isla Grill
lobster for a snack! LOL
one of the gates to enter into the resort
we were given some madeleines as a snack as we checked out- lovely
 I do recommend this all inclusive resort.  It is a bit quiet but it was fine for me as it was relaxing.  If you want more activity and more of a night life, you may need to check out a different resort.  Hope you enjoyed this post! :)



  1. Looks like you two had so much fun!

    1. It was an enjoyable vacation! Escaping from the horrible Vancouver I recommend Cancun! ;)

    2. One day I will go! And I will ask you and Angie for all the good places to go!

  2. i love your photos...great place...

    xoxo Wengie

    1. Thanks Wengie~ Cancun is lovely!