Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aritzia, F21 and Gmarket Purchases

Bought a few items from various place, from Aritzia, Forever 21 and Gmarket in the last few months but didn't have time to upload the pictures.  I am actually quite behind with blogging! So sorry about that!  I shall try harder to upload my photos!  Anywho, on with the shopping post!

Aritzia Purchase
I bought a pair of maroon coloured leggings from Aritzia.  The brand is Talula and I have a few other pairs of black versions from this brand and I would say it is well worth it.  The leggings don't pill and are super soft.  They costs $22.00CAD and you can actually buy them online now as Aritzia has an online site now.
Forever 21 Purchase
On cyber Monday I bought a pair of sneakers from the Forever 21 website.  They were so cute and they remind me of the bag I bought from Gmarket. Shipping was free that day and the shoes actually came within a week!  So crazy fast.  The shoes were $23.80CAD and look adorable with shorts!  I also bought a floral blouse and 3 pairs of jeans from F21.  I bought those at the downtown F21 and not online.  I actually couldn't find them online.  The jeans were $12.80 and so comfortable!  The blouse was $19.80CAD.

side of shoe
back of shoe
front of shoe
3 colours- dark wash, grey and black
pretty detailing on collar
floral blouse
Gmarket Purchase
I was initially shopping for a ipad cover for my bf for one of his bday gifts but also found some shirts for me! My bf's ipad case was about $20.00CAD and it came with a screen protector and a pen.  This purchase is well worth it!  I think the wood pattern is so cool!  Can't get anything locally for this price! :)
free screen protector
look at that pattern!  Looks like hard wood
bonus pen!
I bought 1 casual long sleeve tee and dressy sweater.  Both shirts are long in length, which was exactly what I was looking for as I could not find any of those lengths locally.  Everything now seems cropped and I wanted the length so that I can wear leggings and not show my bum.  I also bought 2 Holika Holika waterproof pencil eyeliners. The eyeliners were very good, comparable to my Make Up Forever Aqua eyes!  The eyeliners were $4.00CAD
The shirts:  The rabbit shirt was $12.00CAD.  The feather sweater was $17.00CAD.

wearing the Forever 21 shoes
wearing the aritzia maroon leggings
Black eyeliner and Brown sparkle liner
Happy shopping everyone!



  1. The floral blouse is so nice~ : ) It looks so flowy!

    1. Thanks Nana! It's pretty comfy too. :)


  2. why do all your photos have a yellowish tint to them?

    1. Hi Joanne,
      It's because I use the same filter on all my photos. :)


  3. I've been reading ur blog for a while and everything you buy is so cute!! :) I've been wanting to buy from gmarket forever but it seems so confusing since its all in korean and its hard to specify what you want. Any advice? :)

    1. Hi alicia0344,

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I guess my suggestions for Gmarket is that you will need to take the time to browse the items and then jot down the name of the product and then look it up in the drop down menu. That was what I initially did until I started to study up Korean and learn how to read it. :)

      Again, thanks for reading! :D