Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vichy Night Cream and Day Cream Review

Happy holidays everyone!  I have made several Gmarket purchases and will be uploading pictures shortly.  Sorry for the delay in posting.  I have been quite sick for the whole week.  Coughing non stop and my throat is raw from all the coughing.  I will post some remedies of the sore throat and cough shortly!  I tried a lot of things to heal myself and some was total bs and some actually worked!  It's crazy guys!! I thought I should share what I found

Anywho, back to the topic of creams!

I was told on the importance of night creams by a friend and was on the hunt for them after work.  I wandered around downtown and decided to pick up a Vichy night cream!  I was very lost in the store...there was A LOT of Vichy products and luckily a sales associate was available to assist me with choosing something.  I ended up buying the line Normaderm and bought both the day cream and night cream.  It's oil free and fragrance mild.  I can definitely tell the difference between my other $3.00CAD face cream(St Ives) from this day cream.  It leaves my face feeling hydrated!    The day cream came in a pack and came with a face wash for $29.95CAD.  The night cream came alone and was $32.95CAD.  I havent been using the night cream everyday so I am not 100% sure how it is, but I do feel less flaky when using both products.  Neither of them feel greasy and my skin never broke out from using them.  Would I buy it again...hmmm..perhaps not for the night cream because I want to try other stuff.  Day cream, I probably may buy again as it is better than my St.Ives.

What kind of day and night cream do you guys use?  Let me know as I would love to try new ones and compare differences!

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