Saturday, December 15, 2012

Urban Outfitters Online Purchase

I bought a few items from Urban Outfitters online.  The shipping was pretty fast and I was very satisfied with my purchase.  I bought 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of rings. I recommend browsing the Urban Outfitters page and click on sales.  It seems like their items are on the pricier side and it often reminds of Gmarket or Zipia stuff but with extremely high prices.  The only time I buy from them is either when they have sales or that they have certain deals.

The rings I bought were 2 for $12.00CAD or $8.00 per piece.  I bought 2, my initials! They are not the best quality rings and I have read reviews that they may snag on clothes and then the letter will fall off.  I have been extra careful with mine.  People have also said that the rings will discolour and turn your finger green! I recommend putting a layer of clear nail polish on it to stop that from happening. :)  So far so good!
the rings came in a cute bag
 I also picked up 2 pairs of loafers!  Loafers seem to be in style again.  They actually look fantastic with pants and skirts!  I chose a beige and cream coloured one.  The beige pair was $19.99CAD and the cream was $9.99CAD.  They were both marked down from $49.00 or something.  All I remember was that it was a significant markdown.  They are both very comfortable but because they are new, it takes some time to break them in.  The cream coloured loafers are a little harder than the beige pair.

What do you guys think?


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  1. Those are cute flats! Breaking in new shoes is a pain!