Sunday, April 22, 2012

Joyeaux Cafe- Vietnamese Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver- no where close to Joyeaux just wanted to post this
Went for Vietnamese food with my friend on our break on Friday.  We ate at Joyeaux Cafe, and I must say it was gooood! It wasn't too expensive and I will definitely go back again!
Link to their website:
Urbanspoon link:
We shared a plate of fried chicken was okay..we both prefer Phnom Penh's wings more.
I had lemon grass chicken and shredded pork with rice.  It was boneless!  So awesome!

She had a vermicelli noodle in soup.  It looked yummy.  She said it was good. :)
I ordered a coconut to go and drank it in the was my first time drinking coconut juice!  It was good!  I will have coconut juice again as it is super good for you.  :)
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