Friday, April 13, 2012

Small order from Gmarket! ;)

Made a small order from Gmarket again!  A friend wanted to buy bbcream and a wallet so I made an excuse to shop here again..LOL
comparably smaller box than my other Gmarket boxes
I bought a pair of beige oxfords.  They are super light weight..  :)

They were about $22.00US prior to shipping costs.

I couldn't find a pair of these oxfords anywhere in Vancouver that were not over $60CAD..thus I turn to Gmarket.  I tried them on and they are comfortable!  I do wish I had purchased one size up as I noticed they just fit...which means I can't put inserts inside..I want them more comfortable..haha...I think I will wear these without the shoe laces!

The size for these shoes are 240 and they fit like a size US 7.  Next time I will buy 245 which should be a 7.5-8.
Link to the shoes:

inside of shoe
The bottom has grooves so it shouldn't be to slippery

Left is laced and right with no laces
I picked up a bikini.  It's super cute..I have yet to try it on but it looks like it would fit me..haha..the material is very nice.  It is definitely comparable to my Victoria's Secret bikini and my Abercrombie bikini.  Victoria's Secrets bikinis are so ridiculously expensive (my bikini top was a little under $50.00US) and are meh...not worth the price.  You can definitely find something similar on Gmarket for way less.

It's so cute with the frilly-ness.  The bikini top comes padded but you can remove it if you don''t want the padding.  The underwear/crotch area is covered making it sanitary...however, I will still wash the whole bikini before wear.
The bikini set was $24.00US prior to shipping.
Link to bikini:

back view
I wonder why it says $49.00, does that mean its $49.00 in the US?

I decided to purchase a ring from Gmarket but was disappointed...not by the quality and not by the price but by the fact that it didn't fit my sad.  The ring is beautiful!  The only finger that it fits on is my wedding ring finger and I don't want to wear it on does fit on ,y pinky finger but it feels too strange.  I might just wear it on a necklace chain as a pendant.
The ring was around $9.00US
Link to rings

so simple and pretty!
wearing ring on pinky finger
I also picked up the same bbcream for myself!  The bbcream came with samples but the only problem was that there was spillage!  A lip/face tint that came with it spilled all over the package.

The only upside is that this lip/face tint is damn strong.  I got it all over my hand while unpacking and after washing my hand twice after unpacking the beauty stuff  it still stays.  Long lasing stuff..the packaging had a 2AM guy on it..I am not too sure who it was as I can't differentiate between the 2AM and 2PM group.  I can probably differentiate if I took the time to listen and know them..but I haven't got the time.

This lip tint/face tint is comparable to my benetint from benefit.    I haven't really used my benetint on my lips...just on my face when I went to Cancun.  The benetint stays on even after swimming..that's why I bought it..perhpas I will try this korean tint and then review it.
Spillage!!  Staining!!
stained..this is after I washed my hand twice, scrubbing vigorously
comparing my small benetint with the Korean version of face/lip tint
The bbcream I bought was from the Baviphat line.  I bought the one 'for oily skin' instead of the one I have 'for dry skin'.  I have combination skin so I will try this one and see which one I like better.  The bbcream was $15.00 US prior to shipping
Link to bbcream:
Free samples along with bbcream!
Baviphat bb cream for oily skin
Thats all for now!  Feel free to leave me comments or questions.  I am always around to help! :)



  1. Hey, I really like your blog! I'm just wondering how much did you pay for shipping for all the items you bought?


    1. Hi Mei,
      Thanks for commenting! :)
      I sometimes wonder if people are really reading my blog because there is so little interaction between me and people I do appreciate your comment/questions!

      This particular order's shipping cost was about $35.00CAD. There was another bbcream and a wallet that my friend bought in this order that I did not display(as it was not my

      Even though shipping is a bit much for Canadian orders, I still think overall it is worth it as the stuff on Gmarket is more unique. :)


  2. Hehe, I somehow landed on your blog and the pictures that you posted caught my eyes! I really like your comments for everything that you bought.

    Oh, the shipping isn't that much since you split between 2 people. I only order things when I know it's free shippping haha (which I've been doing a lot for hollister/abercrombie).

    Thanks for your reply :)

    1. Thanks again Mei for your comments! :)

      Yeah, shipping isn't too bad. I think shipping to the states is actually cheaper. You like hollister and abercrombie? I find that their jeans are too long...fits weird on me...maybe that's because I am only 5'3"


  3. Hi! Can you do a review on the BB cream soon? I was thinking about getting it earlier today, but I wasn't sure how well it was at controlling oil. Thanks in advance! I love all the items you bought!

    1. Hi,

      Sure thing. I will start using the bbcream today and review it sometime this week...I want to try it for a few days continuously before judging the quality of it. :)

      Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it. :D


  4. good taste in the oxfords and the strawberry bikini is so cute!!

    1. Hi popbubblewrap,

      Thanks for your nice comment! The colour of the oxfords makes it easy to match with all sorts of things and the bikini was cute and inexpensive~ ;)