Monday, April 2, 2012

Adrenaline and Chronic Tacos

Accompanied my friend to get her tattoo and then have lunch with her.  This is my first time seeing the process of someone getting tattooed and it was exciting!  I have watched the tv shows that show tattooing but it's not the same as the real live experience.  It didn't look super painful, but I would not know for sure until I get one ah?  I had asked her, my friend A. how it was during the process and she said it was okay...there was pain but bearable.

Standing there and watching her made me want to get one too...on impulse...but I really don't have anything I would want to permanently ink on my body...until I find something that is meaningful I think I would hold off on any tattoo.  Looking at the pictures makes me feel like getting one's nice, it only took an hour..not bad!

When I do get a tattoo, I believe I would come here for it.  The people were nice and the place was clean.

1014 Granville St
Vancouver V6Z 1L5
The stencil was placed on
He started to tattoo lightly
1/3 way done
3/4 way done and he started using more pressure
Steady hands and followed the stencil well..very pro
After the tattoo we went to have lunch at Chronic Tacos on Granville.  It was good and enjoyed breaking my bowl and eating it..LOL.. I would eat here again if I am craving tacos and such.  The bowl was $9.00CAD ish with tax.  Not bad for downtown.  :)

My bowl
A.'s bowl

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