Wednesday, April 4, 2012

醉雞 drunken chicken - so easy!

Made 醉雞 drunken chicken yesterday!

Initially I had bought my parents this alcohol because I thought the bottle was pretty!
When my brother opened it to try, I noticed it smelled like the Shanghai 醉雞 alcohol...I went online to look for the recipe on how to make it and it looked easy enough, so I made it the next day!  It is soooo easy to make!  It was basically, blanch chicken and then throw into alcohol mixture and simmer for 45 minutes and then TADA..finished!

My ingredients
inexpensive 紹興花雕酒 and mirin from Superstore
the raw chicken- washed and cleaned before blanching
After blanching for 5 minutes
boiling the alcohol mixture and goji berries- look at the steam!
Simmering the chicken
It's done!!
My mum assisting me in removing the chicken so I can get a photo
Chopping it up!
All chopped up and drenched in alcohol mixture ready to go into the fridge!
I got the recipe from:

I didn't follow this recipe completely because I hadn't read it completely when buying the ingredients.  I didn't buy enough alcohol..hahah.. o____O

It required 1L of 紹興花雕酒 Shaoxing wine but I had only purchased one bottle of 600ml..I ended up taking a bit from the original 紹興花雕酒 I bought for my parents.  For the asked for 500ml and I had only bought 1 was roughly 300 something ml and then soya sauce I also didn't put as much.  The end product was still good...maybe not drunk time I will get the harder stuff...and more..haha

Recipe as taken from Christine blog's:

    1.6kg whole chicken, rinsed, patted dry
    1 L Shaoxing wine (Chinese rice wine), available at Asian grocery stores
    500ml/2 cups mirin, available at Asian grocery stores
    90gm/1/2 cup palm sugar, grated
    200 ml light soy sauce (I added this in the original recipe)
    30 wolfberries (I added this in the original recipe), rinsed
    coriander/cilantro leaves for garnish

  • Place 3L water in a large saucepan and bring to the boil. Add chicken and blanch for 5 minutes. This removes any impurities. Remove chicken from the pan and discard water. Reserve pan.
  • Combine Chinese rice wine, mirin, sugar, 750ml (3 cups) water and soy sauce in the reserved pan. Stir until sugar dissolves, then bring to the boil. Add wolfberries.(goji berries) Reduce heat to low, return the chicken to the pan, cover with a lid and simmer for 45 minutes or until the juices run clear when the thickest part of a thigh is pierced with a skewer.
  • Remove the chicken from the pan. Cut into pieces. Divide and serve on plates with soup, sprinkle with wolfberries or coriander for garnish. Served with steamed rice, sweet & sour cucumber or any salad you like.
Read more:

Have fun cooking!  It is super easy and super tasty!!  Let me know how it goes everyone! :)


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