Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lush, U.O and Chapters- Downtown Vancouver

Was in downtown Vancouver yesterday to exchange some money.  Will be heading to Seattle to do some shopping soon!  It was such a nice day today that I wandered around and eventually bought a few unnecessary things! 

Stopped at Lush and picked up a bar of soap! LOL..I don't usually buy soap..I use body wash!  But this smelled so fresh and nice that I had to try it out!  I use to be repulsed by the smell of the store was and still is too strong!  However, I have heard some nice things about their natural products so I did give them a try.  I have bought solid bubble bath soap from them..and it work, smells awesome and is so fun!  The bubble bath bars can be broken into 2 or 3 pieces to be used for up to 3's colourful, wonderfully scented and clean!  When I went to Vegas I bought one and bought it with me and boy was it fun to play in bubbles! hehe

We shall see how see how well this mint body soap works.  It aint cheap.  LOL..  I bought the scent 'ice blue', smells like mint! :) They wrapped it up in their own personalized wrapping pretty!
$5.95 per 100 grams

My 'ice blue' body soap!
After Lush I stopped by Urban Outfitters to see what was on sale..there were just too many people in the store for me to shop for clothes...I stopped by their sale section and found 2 books!  They were both marked down to $4.99CAD.  I love my fact reads and oh so interesting!
Lastly my bf wanted to stop by Chapters so we did...I wandered into the baby/children section on the bottom floor and saw many cute stuffies for babies.  As I browsed I stumbled upon this blanket.
Holy crap it is so cute!!  I told myself that I could not buy anymore stuffies as I no longer have room for them but this is not a stuffie!  LOL...I made the exception and bought it! 
what he looks like from the front
what he looks like from the back

close up of his face..I have named him Mr.Bun
Look at that face! Oh god he looks adorable!
Oh..he did not come
very expensive blanket for a baby!
One more cute picture before unrolling Mr.Bun.
This is what he looks like unrolled...full on blanket form...kinda's okay..I know I can roll him up and make him awesome again.  ;)
It is a fairly good sized blanket- size of a regular towel
Mr.Bun looks kinda


  1. Wow that is such a cute blanket, but damn, babies sure know how to live the expensive life haha.

    1. Ya..isn't that so crazy..$30 for a baby's blanket!'s not even that soft! It's really the packaging that sold me..haha