Sunday, March 11, 2012

김치오므라이스 Kimchi Omelette Rice (with ketchup)

Made 김치오므라이스 Kimchi Omelette Rice (with ketchup).

Had some left over Kimchi radish that I needed to eat, (before it goes bad) some left over rice and I also had some left over salmon from yesterday's salad roll.

TADA!  I made one for dad and one for didn't feel like eating it.  The one for bf I also put cheese in it..mmm...cheese.  It was actually very good..I will definitely make it again!

Left over salmon, rice and radish kimchi!
I chopped the radish kimchi a lil smaller
Finished Kimchi fried rice!
My first Kimchi Omelette with fried rice and ketchup for dad
Bf's Kimchi fried rice omelette with cheese and ketchup- To go!
Side view
Bf half way through eating it I took a picture.


  1. I saw your post on soompi's beauty blogs forum ^^
    Following you~~ haha plus we live in the same place xD


    1. Cool, thanks for following~ I was follwer-less..haha

      I shall follow u too Christina!


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    1. Did you make it, was it good?