Sunday, March 25, 2012

Breakfast at Habit on Main Street- DIY Eggs Benedict!

Went to eat breakfast with the girls this Saturday.

We tried out Habit on Main Street and I ate Eggs Benedict.  It was delicious, so delicious that I started to crave it when I got home in the evening so I made something similar!
Location: 2610 Main Street  Vancouver, BC V5T
Link to website:
Modern looking signage

condiments, like K. said..very good use of the Chinese dimsum basket!
Brunch menu
My friend K. had perogies, egg and salad
My friend H. had eggs benedict with bacon and avocado
My friend T. and I ordered the smoked salmon, dill cream cheese eggs benedict
I played with the ketchup! haha
In the evening I made bf and I a snack!  Time to try to re-create something similar to what I had this morning!  :)

I  made my eggs benedict with whole wheat toast, smoked salmon, cream cheese and a blended spinach/garlic sauce instead of hollandaise sauce.  Made 4, only ended up eating 1 and bf ate doesn't taste the same as what I had in the morning at Habit.
Chopped up spinach and garlic being cooked
blended the spinach and garlic after cooking it down
Whole wheat bread toasted

Poached the egg!
Smoked salmon..mmmmmm
all ready to be eaten!
runny goodness!

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