Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Japanese Hair Dyes- Prettia & Palty

Going to dye my hair over this weekend to a light brown...perhaps even considered a blonde look...I wonder how that will go?  I will be using the Prettia foam dye first and if it's not the colour I like..I will try the Palty..

I will review 3 hair dyes in the process.  Well..I will dye it black if the brown hair fails me.  I know this is going to damage my hair quite a bit but what the hell...I have always wanted to be blonde...not the blonde in high school grade 12 blonde..but more of a full head greenish blonde.

The Prettia and the Palty are supposedly "less damaging'' than the American brands.  I have tried both before and yes, I agree it smells and feels less damaging.  There isn't the disgusting toxic smell after you wash out your hair.  I personally remember that I enjoyed the Palty more because of the scent during the dyeing smells pleasant...*I know I am not supposed to be inhaling the stuff*  I remember the Prettia smelling more strong and unpleasant compared to the Palty...

I did google the brands and found people have reviewed both products after trying them...their reviews seems the opposite of what I remember...I will try them this weekend and then re-blog the results.

The 3 hair dyes I have purchased:
1.Liese Prettia- high bleach -Foam based
2.Palty- milk tea brown - Normal hair dye
3.Loreal sublime Mousse -natural black - Foam based

Palty Milktea Brown (Inferior pic quality due to me taking this pic w/ my itouch)

Loreal Sublime Mousse & Prettia High Bleach
Wish me luck!


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