Sunday, February 26, 2012

My hair- BLEACHED x 2 and re-dyed x2

As I blogged before..I dyed my hair and it messed up..

After a lot of consideration and reading online what to do I decided to bleach my hair and redye it altogether.  I bought the Loreal Perfect Blondissima as I have read good reviews on it from makeupalley

After bleaching I would need to dye a colour over top to cover the orange/brassy colour.  I chose Palty the foam one.

I dyed my hair again last Thursday, February 23, 2012 with the assistant of my friend(s).
Loreal Perfect Blondissima and Palty Caramel Beige

Swatches of Loreal Blondissima
Palty Foam Caramel Beige

We bleached it twice...because certain sections were darker, she had to be strategic in doing it.  It took from 7:00pm to 11:00pm...and I turned out.....weird...LOL...

Here are some pictures of our night!

Me staining my friends shirt she lent me
After first bleach session..everything looked evened out!
Second bleach session- we did my whole head..look! T&T bag!
She un-bagged my head because the bleach was working faster on my roots
The Palty dye taken out of box- apparently its a almost like whip cream with the spatula and cup

The tube of dye is in the cup..looks like noodles
My other friend is whipping up the Palty foam
After math of bleach jobs
The Palty Foam is ready!
My 2 friends are helping me distribute the Palty in my hair
The dye is in my hair...looks alright for now
Sorry for my expression- Superstore bags now!
This is what happened after I dried my hair after Palty! GAH!!!
My hair before I redyed it brown- I went to work like this.. :/
I couldn't survive with this reminded me of a fire Pokemon...LOL..I went to work with a hood on and immediately after work I went home and redyed it with brown.  I used Palty(normal version, not foam) natural brown and everything is alright.  Even though it is not an even dye job, it is still much better than walking around looking like a fire Pokemon!

I'm a nerd!!  Brown hair more Pokemon hair!
Learning to smile...I guess its a fail..haha

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