Saturday, February 11, 2012

Make Up Junk

Bought a lot of make up stuff and haven't been able to try them all.

The moment I saw the Maybelline baby lips I knew I wanted it.  I went online and read the reviews and they said it wasn't good. I personally think it is okay.  A good base to put on before putting on other things, ie: lipstick.  It makes my lip feel soft. 

 Review: 4/5

 Same goes with EOS lip balms. The EOS hype was intriguing but the lip balm itself sucks but I still couldn't help to get all the colours...haha..Don't buy them because it isn't very moisturizing.  I bought them for the packaging.

Review: 1/5

Wanted to try the Baviphat SPF30 bbcream as it has such cute packaging!  I ordered it from along with some other stuff.  I still have yet to try this bbcream.  I heard it was good and sort of water resistant.  I initially bought it for my trip to cancun but I ended up using my usual Laura Mercier silk creme foundation.  I will review this bbcream shortly as I am running out of my Laura Mercier. LOL

 Edit: I just tried this bbcream...the consistency is thick.  Much thicker than missha or hanskin or skin79 gold version.
Coverage: 3/5 *similar to tinted moisturizer but a bit more coverage
Review: 3/5 * it is similar to other bbcreams I have tried..not so awesome..but not bad for everyday use.

Purchased these 2 different face masks from our local T&T in Vancouver after my cancun trip.  The Black Pearl Mask one is suppose to have whitening effects and the Strawberry Yogurt Mask one is suppose to brighten, reduce oil production and minimize pores.  I am not sure if they work BUT after using both products you will notice that your skin is softer and more moisturized.  I haven't been consistently using them.  I am not sure if it is a good buy for everyone as it might not necessarily do what it promises but the Strawberry Yogurt smells exactly like strawberry yogurt..mmmm  *drool*

I personally will not be buying them again in this large pack.  I might buy more of the Strawberry Yogurt Mask just because it smells so yummy!  I will just be using it once in a while when watching tv..

Review: 2.5/5

I will be blogging about my recent purchases next.  I bought some tops from Aritzia and some from AE.  I will also review my recent purchase on and when I receive them in the mail.


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