Friday, February 17, 2012

Lunch on Feb 11, 2012- WonJo BBQ Noodle Restaurant

Had lunch at WonJo BBQ Noddle Restaurant because someone had recommended it.

It was okay!  I like the fact that it felt very home made and that the noodles were hot and steamy! I will be going back to try their bbq next time.

They have a small menu which means they do what they do very well.  :)

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Picture time!
She separated the kimchi and let us put the amount we want in our noodle pot

complementary rice

I put sauce on it to give it a kick!

our chicken noodle is starting to steam

I ordered a beef soup on the side

waiting for our noodles to come to a boil

ordered some mul mandu.  YUM!

Our noodle is ready!!

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