Friday, August 24, 2012

Indochine Kitchen- Alternative to Phnom Penh?

Have you been to Phnom Penh in Vancouver?  If you haven't yet and you like to eat chicken wings, please do go visit them for their fried wings.  They may not give the best service but their wings are so delicious!

When I heard that Indochine Kitchen is opened by a relative of the owner of Phnom Penh, I had to go try their wings.  A friend also recommended it as well as recommended the lychee mojito!  I loved the mojito but the wings at Indochine was a little disappointing.  It lacks the flavour, plus I enjoy gnawing on the wing tip, which they did not have here.  This place has the feel of a lounge rather than a restaurant.  It's very modern and pretty but for the food, I do rather eat at the original location.  The luc lac was also disappointing.  It was very...dry..and the cut of beef is different than Phnom Penh.  It's more like thick chunks of beef versus strips of soft succulent beef at Phnom Penh.  lol.  The butter beef was good, tasted almost identical!

I would come back here if I felt like having a drink and munching, will not come back for dinner.

Location: 1 Broadway East, Vancouver, BC V5T 1V4
Phone: (604) 568-0828
Link to site:

Picture time!
lychee mojito~
beef luc lac
butter beef
chicken wing without the tips

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