Friday, August 3, 2012

Review- Lycee eye drops

Wearing contacts has made my eyes slightly dry.  Also, I am always in an AC environment so I need some drops.  I tried the Renu brand and it works for a little bit and then it gets dry again so quickly.  I have decided to buy the Lycee eye drops as I heard good reviews about it.  I bought this eye drops from  It didn't take too long to ship and at the time I bought this, there was no shipping fee.  :)
I have bought circle lenses from them as well.  They were $12.90USD

I love the packaging of this product!  So pink and cuteee!  The eye drops were awesome!  They work so much better than the Renu brand and once I drop them in my eyes...there is this weird minty sensation....its like mint for your eyeballs!  Weird sounding and also sounds unpleasant but I swear it's's such an amazing experience...very refreshing!  I would recommend this product if you have dry eyes and wear contacts.  :D

Link to product:
came in bubble wrap
angled eye drops
instructions in Japanese


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