Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bluenotes and Daiso- Random Shopping

Stopped by Bluenotes as bf wanted to check out their teeshirts.  I walked around and I picked up a chiffon tee in mint.  The colour reminds me of the scrubs nurses wear at the hospitals...hmmmm....I do like the lace detailing on the sleeves though!  Plus it wasn't too expensive, $12.00CAD, they sell stuff like this at Aritzia for over $50.00CAD+ no?  I bought a size medium and thought it would be baggy, I was wrong...it fits just right...I guess that's okay too but that's not the look I thought it would give.  This shows that perhaps I need to learn to try things on..  :P

Was walking around Daiso in Aberdeen Centre in Richmond looking for some baskets for storage and saw this cute hand towel.  I couldn't resist and bought it as well..lol


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